Dream of Peace

Peace is the need of every human who has sanity and wisdom. No sane human can afford to live in an atmosphere of bloodshed and violence continuously and it does not keep society in a healthy shape when it continues to lose its precious lives in mad cycle of violence. In the society of Kashmir conflict has ruined the taste of life. The lingering political violence is the root cause of violence.

Deaths, killings, injuries, blinding have over the past three decades became order of the day and thus the life has lost its real meaning in Kashmir. The people of Kashmir feel that they are caged in ever ugly cycle of violence.

At the current juncture of time, the violence graph with every passing moment is touching new ugly levels as a result we the people are ultimate sufferers. Every happiness has been replaced with tears and suffocating cries as a result the real charm of life is not at all felt in the pained valley of kashmir, where peace is the dream of each sane soul.

Violence from state or the non state actors can in no way solve the vexed issue of Kashmir but will only add to the count of dead.

On the positive note the people of the subcontinent  are beginning to abandon the mutually suicidal path of conflict and confrontation;  and reaffirm belief in exchanges with latest being  between schools of the two countries, which would yield positive results for sure .

It is high time that all the concerned stakeholders brainstorm and bring about the required changes for achieving peaceful kashmir.