Downtown Srinagar is the best place for women in the world : Mehreen Amin

Mehreen Amin  is shining example of  how determination, dreams can be turned in to reality  This Downtown young girl established Srinagar’s first female only gym near the famous Islamia College .

In an exclusive interview with News Kashmir, she talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.


How did you get the idea of starting all exclusive women Gym?

I had some health issues and had joined fitness center for women in Delhi, I got an idea to start same here and I was propelled to give pragmatic shape to my dreams when I had awful experience in unisex gym under male trainers feeling uncomfortable. Despite hailing from Downtown I never thought I would start it from here. My father, brother initially did not support my idea, they wanted me to invest in any other ideas rather than all exclusive women gym. Finally my mother’s great support and unrelenting determination of mine paved way for me to give my dream actual shape. I was passing from here and got to know about unoccupied space and the landlord cooperated like anything.

Media usually tags Downtown under negative headlines, did you ever feel fear ?

I have no fear working in Downtown, the local boys have on overall paradigm helped me like anything with their great cooperation and support. Downtown is one of the best places in world for women. They told me women in their household face different  health issues and they definitely need such gym. Here no one comes for figure Maintenance  as is wrong perception but in today fast world we have thyroid, diabetes and due to rampant  fast and junk food use the obesity related issues have flared up. This Gym offers hope to women to fight their health issues and stay fit.

How has been the response so far?

The response has been overwhelming with grace of Allah. The tremendous support of local populace has made this much success possible.

The world is usually difficult for women, did you ever feel it?

Yes there were usually taunts from some that my initiative is bound to collapse, but with my determination and firm support of family I stood like rock and the support of building owner was always immense. In first few days I used to get some fake feedback but with time the realistic feedback had poured like anything. Here women in presence of women trainers openly discuss their issues , feel comfortable and give positive feedback.

Do you feel such all exclusive women gyms should be established in other parts of Kashmir valley as well?

The unrealistic and false vibes we have developed that women and girls will not join all exclusive women gyms and fitness centers has to fall apart, I plan to start these all exclusive women gyms in other parts of Kashmir valley as well and it is my dream.

How is the cooperation from other women?

There are  very few who pass taunts as like men, women too are diverse in nature. The overall response from women is quite heartwarming and I would say quite awesome cooperation.

Since you have seen work atmosphere in cities like Delhi, do you feel Downtown Srinagar is better for women?

Downtown Srinagar is one of the best places for women in world in terms of safety and other things . I leave late in evening and never has anyone passed any comments on me I am proud to be women from Downtown.

Do  we here in Kashmir dearth of women fitness trainers?

Yes without doubt I believe we have to go a long way in terms of getting atleast the bare number of women trainers and I hope parents encourage their girls towards fitness related realms.

Does the upheavals in the our part of world impact your working?

I respect the strike calls and sentiment of masses and I reschedule the working norms like such that we overcome the lost time.

What are the specific problems for which women join your fitness center?

Today many young women are grappling with problems like PCOD which acts as irritant in  birth mechanism and Doctors accordingly advise them exercise and also weight issues is another thing. Women has to cater  so many things from family to her profession and she needs exercise, gyming more than men need it. Here in presence of women trainers being an exclusive women gym they feel comfortable and it logically also thus respects religious aspects.

What is your message to other girls who dream big ?

My message is fight for your rights and never lose hope. We should always stay calm and learn the art of seeing every storm in Composed way. I once again want to via your esteemed medium thank the boys of Downtown for their great support.