Cross -LoC trade shut

Cross-LoC trade shut

On Eid, people missing Pakistani goods

Danish Tariq

Ministry of Home Affairs has ordered a suspension of trade with Pakistan. The action has been taken as the government has been receiving reports of cross-LoC trade routes being “misused” by Pakistan-based elements for supplying illegal weapons, narcotics and fake currency.The order has been implemented on April 19 till now it has not been revoked due to which both traders and common people are suffering a lot, from both the regions trade has been halted, Salamabad of Baramulla in Kashmir region, and Chakan-da-Bagh of Poonch district in Jammu region.

On the arrival of Eid the markets of valley are in buzz, people can be seen around every corner of the markets busy with Eid shopping “but on the other side people are missing the Pakistani good which are not available in markets of Kashmir valley due to trade shut”

Mehwesh Sherwani said, ahead of Eid people are busy with Eid shopping particularly girls are excited “unfortunately It is indeed a very bad thing especially for we girls as we can’t buy desired clothes from market.I myself visited more than 5 shops in search of Pakistani suit which is in trend these days but couldn’t find as the goods are somewhere stuck and are not preferably in market,”

Around 280 traders, who were directly involved in the Cross LoC trading has been affected after the suspension of the business

Adil Dar Cross LoC trader stated “as we were doing business on barter system it was beneficial for us through which we were earning a handsome profit from these goods” the items which were included in trade like bananas, embroidery items, clothes, tamarind, red chilli and cumin for exports while imports mainly were almonds, dry dates, dry fruits, herbs and mangoes. He further added “we are suffering a huge loss in business because of trade suspension on the other side here in Kashmir any time any thing can be happen because of conflict so we were earning our daily livelihoods on this trade to feed our family now we are helpless what to do, markets are in buzz on Eid but we don’t have anything to sell,”

Shafqat Khursheed, College student said, nowadays its a trend among girls to wear Pakistani suits specially on festivals “ on the arrival of Eid everyone is in search of Pakistani Suits but due to trade shut there is no collection in markets of valley which has disheartened the buyers and as well as sellers”

Sameer Mir, local shopkeeper said, we don’t have enough collection of clothes on Eid to fulfil the demands of customer “LoC trade shut has hugely affected the business in valley the trade should be resumed earlier to avoid the further loss,”

The cross LoC trade on Srinagar-Muzafarabad and Poonch-Rawalakote routes was started on October-2,2008 as a Confidence Building Measure (CBM).

The traders, common people appealed the government to resume the trade with neighbouring country Pakistan to avoid further loss of business and sufferings of people, they added both the countries should find a better way to bring peace, every dispute should be solved in a peaceful manner which is good for everyone.