Controlling Inflation in harsh Winters

Controlling inflation in harsh winters 

The beginning of year 2021 in the Valley of Kashmir has been witness to heavy snowfall and infact after decades we have seen such snowfall in Kashmir .We have seen in the winter months that often snowfall results in road closures which result in often road closures especially the closure of all important Jammu Srinagar National Highway .The closure of all important Jammu Srinagar National Highway is causing discomfort to the commuters aspiring to travel to outside places of Kashmir and more than it causes shortage of essential items leading to price rise and inflation .The black marketing done by few vested interests during the long closures of the national highway causes immense hardships to the consumers . The need of the hour is to undertake more market Checks so as to keep a eagle eye on black marketing .Vegetables and non vegetarian food items is witness to much drastic price rise during these highway closures . Eggs as a commodity also see much abnormal price rise during the road blockade .The need of the hour is to meet the deadline of completion of all important Jammu Srinagar Rail link and see to it by the year end of 2022 we see fully functional train in Kashmir . The opening of train would ease the life of people of Kashmir as supplies can be arranged easily and plus rail link will remain cut off for shorter period as opposed to road link .The realities urge upon the authorities to ensure that till long lasting solution is ensured on the aspect of keeping national highway open they take all steps to weed out the menace of inflation breaking back of masses . The availability of necessary items by keeping adequate stock during winters can ensure that hyper  inflation during National Highway closure does not break back of the people of Kashmir.