Black voters gave overwhelming support to Joe Biden Kamla Harris is future of Democratic Party : Analisa Swan, Democratic Delegate

Black voters gave overwhelming support to Joe Biden Kamla Harris is future of Democratic Party : Analisa Swan, Democratic Delegate 

Analisa Swan is a prominent USA activist . She was  DNC Delegate for Joe Biden CA 28, Attorney at Law at Ford and Wallach ,a grassroots activist who campaigned passionately for American elect President Joe Biden and VP Kamla Harris .over a decade of experience advocating solely on behalf of injured workers for Ford & Wallach, Ms. Swan is a passionate committed advocate for individuals seeking benefits through the California workers’ compensation system.
In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir, she talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.
How was Joe Biden victory possible which was looking a  distant reality a year back ?
In my opinion, Joe was able to win the primary (1) with a very committed core group of unpaid volunteer supporters that included people like myself. Some were with Joe from the beginning. Others, like myself came to Joe after our candidate in the primary dropped out. My first candidate in the primary was Kamala. When Kamala dropped out, I immediately went to Joe, but continued to advocate for Kamala as VP. Some of the other core volunteers came from Beto O’Rouke’s campaign. Beto ended his primary campaign in 11/19. In early 12/19, Kamala ended her primary campaign. Volunteers like myself phone banked for Joe, text messaged for Joe, canvassed, and even travelled to other states to canvass and support Joe. The canvassing was pre-pandemic. In 2/20 over Presidents’ Day weekend, I travelled from my home in Burbank (Los Angeles), in the state of California, to Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada, to canvass for Joe.The second and considered the biggest reason Joe ended up winning the 2020 primary is the historic endorsement of House of Representative Congressman, James (Jim) Clyburn (Democrat) in South Carolina. Clyburn is a Black leader in Congress and in the Democratic Party. He gave a very powerful and personal endorsement of Joe. Jim is a moral leader in the Democratic Party. His endorsement resonated throughout South Carolina, and especially with Black voters in South Carolina. Black voters are the backbone of the entire Democratic Party. Black voters are the most reliable Democratic voters. Joe overwhelming won South Carolina on 2/29/20. This ignited massive excitement with Democratic voters in the primary. It gave a strong convincing signal to other members of the Democratic Party that Black voters overwhelmingly support Joe Biden. It was a huge amount of momentum that led into “Super Tuesday” on 3/3/20, when the largest number of states hold their Democratic Party primary election. Joe ended up winning Super Tuesday. At that point money and support began heavily flowing in to the Biden campaign. Much if this spurred by the urgency in the Democratic Party to coalesce around a front runner. It was felt that Joe as a very well known leader as Obama’s Vice President, and Joe’s more moderate policy stance than some of than some of the other candidates in the primary such as Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, would be most likely to win the general election.
What is your take on Kamla Harris as vice president? Joe made a historic choice by selecting Kamala Devi Harris as VP. Kamala is my Senator and was my Attorney General. She is a brilliant attorney, and extremely charismatic. Selecting Kamala represents the diversity of America. Kamala is Black and Indian (South Asian American). She is the 1st woman VP, the 1st VP that is Black, and the 1st VP that is Indian (South Asian American). She is very liberal and a leader. She has led on LGBTQIA+ rights, she helped reform the criminal justice system in California to make it more progressive, even as much reform is still needed in our criminal justice system. California is the 5th largest economy in the world. California has the largest population in America. California has the largest criminal justice system, second only to the federal government. As such, Kamala, brings a lot of experience as VP from her experience in the Senate and as AG from her tome leading the big state of California.

How tough is Covid Challenge for Biden?Joe’s main actions will be to get control of the out of control COVID19 pandemic in America. Joe plans to set up a coronavirus task force . Joe plans to work closely with scientists and the medical community. Joe’s plans also include protecting and restoring Obamacare (healthcare); rejoin the Paris climate accord and fight climate change; overturn the Muslim travel ban; reinstate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which allows “dreamers” i.e., undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children, to remain in the United States.
Your own political ambitions ?I have no plans to run for any political offices, but I really enjoy grassroots political activism! I believe in fighting for our rights and good policies. Democracy is not a spectator sport. It requires active participation and voting!
How was the mood in democratic party different this time as opposed to 2016?I should also add that unlike in 2016, the Democratic Party was extremely unified around the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden. The candidates and supporters of the candidates that did not win the nomination, quickly and fully supported Joe Biden.Everyone in the Democratic Party recognized the existential threat posed by Donald Trump to democracy and the party united to defeat  Trump.
 Some more views on Kamla Harris and Joe Biden ?Personally, I am so excited for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! Kamala represents the future of the Democratic Party. Joe sees himself as someone able to help be a bridge to future leadership in America and the Democratic Party.