Arrival of Ramadan, price hike of vegetables, fruits in valley

Danish Tariq
With the arrival of holy month Ramadan the prices of vegetables, fruits, and chicken have risen in the markets of Kashmir due to which locals are suffering. People blame highway ban and government authorities who are in deep slumber and not keep eye on price hike of daily need items.

Mohammad Yousuf, a teacher by profession said, the price hike in daily need essentials is directly being faced by the common people, as this hike hit their pockets “i have purchased peas at cost of Rs 90 per kg while it should be 20 to 30 Rs per kg at this time” I can’t understand why these vendors and shopkeepers selling on high price. He added we are forced to buy vegetables and fruits at huge cost “it could be the carelessness of concerned department who had not deployed regular checking squads in market to curb them for selling essentials at over price”.

Yawar Mohjoo, buyer said, In the month of ramadan we usually face price hike but at this time it’s beyond expectations “ cucumber which we used to buy Rs 20 per kg now being sold at Rs 70 per kg, chicken should be sold at price of Rs 100 kg but it’s 180 per kg there are no rate lists with the vegetable and fruit sellers they are selling at their desired rates while the administration is watching mute spectators” he said

Shah Faizan, shopkeeper “this time we cannot blame dealers and sellers for price hike as the highway closure diktat has created imbalance in demand and supply of almost everything in the valley and that demand increases in the month of ramadan that led to price hike”

A group of people complained that “the trucks loaded with goods are being stopped on national highway for days without any reason as the major supply of goods come to valley from outside state it led further hike price in goods because of short supply, government should look into the matter so public masses would not suffer,” surprisingly, they added the rate list provided by government for goods but nobody is following that.

While talking to Assistant Director, Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs,Ghulam Qadir Mir said, we have deployed teams to ensure the price hike could be in control and the drive will continue till end of Ramadan.