Apollo Hospital Bangalore organised a three day Cancer detection Camp at Jammu

Dr. Shabnam Bashir plays lead role

Apollo Hospital Bangalore  organised a three day Cancer detection Camp and CME talk on Latest Changing trends and concepts in Breast Cancer treatment and Colorectal Cancer Management at Jammu, it was organised with the help of Dr Dushyant Maxx Lyfe Hospital Jammu.

Dr TV Venkatesh, Senior Cardiologist from Apollo Hospital Bangalore also delivered a lecture on Complex Cardiac Stentings being done in Apollo Bangalore that are very rare and not many hospitals in India do that, and also mentioned the very rare Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgeties being done by Dr Sathyaki at Apollo Bangalore ( again very rare type of surgeries here). These heart surgeries avoid general big open Cardiac Bypass surgeries through big cuts. It was followed by 3 day Cancer Detection Camp under supervision of renowned young doctor of Kashmir Shabnam Bashir  on behalf of Apollo Bangalore in collaboration with Maxx Lyfe Hospital.Patients attending the Cancer camp were examined free of cost and got free ultrasounds, FNACs and PAP smears done



As a matter of fact, Leading oncosurgeon of Kashmir valley Dr. Shabnam Bashir played a pioneering role in the programme especially in both CME talk and the free three day cancer detection camp.


Dr. Shabnam Bashir stated – “The awareness generated by the talk in CME was such that the President of Rotrary Club Jammu invited me to deliver an awareness talk on Early detection of Breast Cancers in Govt. Decgree College for Woen (GCW) Gandhi Nagar..So I delivered a talk on the same thereI, with support of my Hospital, Apollo Bangalore, will Inshallah continue doing regular Cancer Camps & awareness talks and various other programmes in future in collaboration with various organisations working for a good cause in our state of J& K.”