Unemoloyment : A grave concern Chowkidar ji

“”””Unemployment—- A grave Concern Chowkidar Ji “”””

Dar Showkat and Zaffar Habeeb
UnEmployment—A big headache in india and Yes Youth still waiting For ache din and Roozgar Promise made by the Chowkidar.We all berozgars have a simple Question for Chowkidar of India where is Ur promised Ache Din which you had made with Youth in 2014 Polldrum.We Youth still have been waiting for Ache Din.
Unemployment is a grave issue and one major headache.
Thousands of youngsters in J&K are idling away without jobs despite having a string of degrees; corruption , Nepotisn Favourtism, conflict and
political unstability cited are said to be the main reasons.
Jammu and kashmir ranks first in unemployment in North
India. The Jammu and Kashmir has earned a
distinction to have the highest number of unemployment in entire
North India, reveals a survey. Unemployment occurs when
people are without work and actively seeking work. The
problem of unemployment continually ruining the future of
Kashmiri youth. Unemployment is characterised by the chronic
employment or disguised unemployment. Ground realities and
surveys suggest that this menace of unemployment in the
state of Jammu and Kashmir touched new heights with lakhs
of candidates applying for the thousand posts advertised by
agencies. There are many more frustrations in unemployed ;
who daily face the task of computing with thousands of other
people. Unfortunately, despite being the greatest vice the
suicide rate is increasing alaramingly over the past few years
in Jammu and
Kashmir and many see unemployment behind it. Just a few
decades back, Kashmir was along a few places across the
globe with very Low suicide rates. Ironically, over the past two
decades, the graph of suicides has run north. Critics maintain
that successive governments have failed to tackle the problem
unemployment while youth continues to be in
dilemma. This sorry state of the affairs is the main cause of
drug abuse, which the drug- traffickers cash . One of the
leading reasons behind the soaring unemployment is the weak
performance by
public sectors in our part of the world.
The unemployment among the youth is commonly associated
with various problems like high crime rate among the youth
and riots. The youth have remained unemployed because of
various social challenges that face the youth. These include
laziness among the youth which makes them not to desire to
search for employment hence, they remain unemployed for
long durations because of such social elements. These two
fundamental outcomes of unemployment could result in the
social breakdown when they reach unmanageable levels.
Joblessness remains the fundamental cause of the social evils
commonly associated with high unemployment levels. These
social problems cannot be predicted when they will occur, but
they certainly will occur when the unemployment becomes
uncontrollable. The youth unemployment can be defined as a
time bomb waiting to explode.
According to the Centre for Monitoring of Indian Economy
Private LTD. The figures of Jammu and Kashmir is much
higher than at all india level figures and highest among all
state as per reports of National Sample Survey Office(NSSO)
available up to NSS68th round. it is to mention here that the
unemployment definitely the effect of population in terms of
poverty and well-being particularly in State Jammu Kashmir. In
Jammu Kashmir, the unemployment may depend upon the
following factors
There is deep relationship between poverty and
unemployment. In many areas of Jammu and Kashmir both
rural and urban sector, we see different types of poverty in
society due to unemployment such as poor housing, poor
infrastructure and poor health.
In Jammu Kashmir nearly 10.35 per cent of the population falls
under the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category with the rural
areas holding more poor than the urban areas.
Out of total percentage of the population living below poverty
line, the percentage of population living below poverty line in
rural and urban area of JK has been estimated at 11.54% and
7.20%, respectively.
As you know that Jammu and Kashmir have highest
percentages population unemployment all over in country as
compared other states in many recently reports. Therefore,
unemployment generates more poverty in Jammu Kashmir.
The many social problems depend upon employment. The
unemployment breeds many social problems such as
dishonesty, gambling, bribery, theft etc.
In Jammu Kashmir there are many social problems due to
more unemployment. Major unemployment and result population waste
their major time in terms of gambling, bad smoking,
entertainment etc.
The delivery system of development and wellbeing of state of
Jammu and Kashmir is so weak which results setback in many of
issues at national and international level. There is more
dishonesty in Jammu and Kashmir as per many report
published different national and international agencies.
The state Jammu and Kashmir is among one of the state
where the bribery is very high as compared to other state.
Overall the results of unemployment effect badly social
security that is jeopardized.
The problem of unemployment causes loss of human
resources. The labourers waste their maximum time in search
of employment but failed to get job and satisfactory in Jammu
and Kashmir. The large number of suicide cases in Jammu
and Kashmir is due to unemployment.
If loss of human resources can be controlled by implementing
the various government schemes and programmes properly in
such a way human resources may be engaged for
development and wellbeing for society.
The main reasons behind unemployment is political instability.
The unemployment gives birth to political instability in country
or state and loses all faith in democratic values and peaceful
means. They consider that government is worthless which fails
to provide them work. The political instability in Jammu and
Kashmir results many problems including high unemployment.
The education system in Jammu and Kashmir has failed to
respond to the existing inter-generation gap. It simply imparts
general and literary education devoid of any practical content.
In Jammu and Kashmir, the high dropout rate in education
system leads to more unemployment.
The main reasons for dropout and discontinuation of
education in Jammu and Kashmir are financial constraints,
engagement in domestic activities and engagement in
economic activities. According to the report “Education in
India” released by National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) in
the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The 32.3 percent of dropout
and discontinuation of education in rural Jammu and Kashmir
for males is due to financial Constraints and 31.5 percent is
due to engagement in economic activities while 35.7 percent
of dropout and discontinuation of education in rural Jammu
and Kashmir for females is due to engagement in domestic
activities. The 24.9 percent of dropout and discontinuation of
education in urban Jammu and Kashmir for males is same due
to financial constraints and 31.1 percentage is due to
engagement in economic activities while 20.0 percent of
dropout and discontinuation of education in urban Jammu and
Kashmir for females is due to engagement in domestic
activities. india’s education policy merely produces clerks and
lower cadre executives for the government and private
concerns. The same situation is for state Jammu and Kashmir
for producing clerks and lower cadre executives. The need of
the hour is that there must be sufficient number of technical
training institutions and other job oriented courses at village
level. Most of the students in rural areas remain ignorant of
possible venues of employment and choice of occupation.
The expansion of tertiary sector comprising commerce, trade
transportation etc. is limited which could not provide
employment even to the existing labour force, what to think
about new entrants. As a result of this, there is a wide scale of
unemployment among engineers, doctors, technically trained
persons and other technocrats. The state Jammu and Kashmir
have a potential to play an important role of service sector for
the growth, improve the quality of life and change of
infrastructure. The tertiary sector has a pivotal role in the
Jammu & Kashmir’s economic development and constitutes a
major part of the economy of the State both in terms of
employment potential and its contribution to the State Income
It has seen that self-employment in Jammu Kashmir is very
rarer because of poor avenues and opportunities. The
unemployment youth in Jammu Kashmir ignores the self-
employment as a lack of awareness and is not ready to come
out from comfort zones like in state Jammu and Kashmir.
Another hurdle in generation of employment opportunities is
that there are inappropriate means for self-employment in
rural and semi-urban areas of Jammu Kashmir.
last one factor but not least The jammu kashmir public service
commission now adopted usa’a Patronage or spoil system .This
is all due to their negligence and pathetic performance. infact
Kas exam 2016 is still lingering in the court which created lots
of problems among the youth of jammu and Kashmir who are
preparing for the same examination for last 3 or 4 years. But
after the declaration of result chunk of youth got despier and
lost their hopes.Its all due to the mistakes of commission.
Hence largest recruiting agency is playing with the blood and
carrer of Youth. Hence the youth of jammu and kashmir got
fed with the recruiting agencies of jammu and kashmir who
are persistently using mantra of nepotism and favouritism.
The above ill effects of unemployment needs urgent attention
in Jammu Kashmir states to creations and generations of
unemployment from government, stress and awareness of
self-employments job, use of human resources in a better way
for development and reduce poverty and well-being, help to
development concept of society for employment generation,
change the education system in order to reduce the dropout,
emphases onskill development to unemployment youths and
many other government and non-government programmes on
employment scenario.
At last but not least Unemployment is a grave concern and hot
button social issue . its tackling demands holistic vision and it
is the need of hour.

Dar showkat and z
Zaffar Habeeb.Dar Showkat from
Handwara is
civil services Aspirant