Return of BJP what it means for JK Politics?

Return of BJP
What it means for JK Politics ?
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The Bhartiya Janta Party has achieved an emphatic victory in the General elections 2019 and the victory has been resounding with BJP bagging more than 300 seats on its own.

BJP victory will definitely have an impact on the politics of Jammu and Kashmir as well.

BJP is certainly in the agressive mode without doubt clearly hinting the impacts of its victory on JK politics.
Analyst state that in wake of this huge victory the onslaught on the special status of Jammu Kashmir might be matter of time.

Rattled and unnerved by the massive (46%) mandate received by Bharatiya Janata Party, the leadership of National Conference has begun its ugly campaign of lies and falsehood to mislead the people, as a prelude to its campaign for the assembly elections likely to be held in the near future, stated Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of BJP.
Tearing apart the arguments placed during the press conference addressed by its provincial president at Jammu, Brig Gupta reminded the NC that much water has flown in Jhelum and Tawi rivers since 1996 including the massive floods which washed away the NC from the political scene of the state. The party was blinded by power to such an extent that its declining vote share, which reached its lowest 7% in 2019, went unnoticed by the dynastic hierarchy of the party. Consequently, the party failed to field its candidates in Jammu and Ladakh regions. With mere 7% percent vote share how can the party claim to be a voice of the majority, questioned Brig Gupta?

Muzamil Maqbool, Life Skills Specialist stated :” The rise of Bhartiya Janta Party BJP has without a doubt got landslide victory in the General elections 2019 and it would have it’s series of impacts on the politics of Jammu and Kashmir. The special status in form of article 35 a would be under special stress by the politics of BJP as it would be on the front foot mode. BJP will most likely follow tough policies and more till assembly ejections. The polarised verdict would create more problems for the state especially Kashmir. I hope the promise of “Sab Ka Saath, San Ka Vishwaas” would be implemented by PM Modi and his party everywhere and especially in Kashmir to settle down tensions which had massive negative impact on Kashmiris and the economy of state of J&K. Ground realities scream Peace on top of their voices. Ground realities scream empowerment, end to blood shed on top of their voices. We must be heard. Is someone listening at central level?