Poem Speaking Eyes by Monalisa Parida , 24 May, 2021 Issue

Title:-  SPEAKING EYES By Monalisa Parida
In the forest, a tree never dies

In a sea, a river never dies In air, a breath never dies 

But I die, For the thoughts of your love. 

Don’t worry, I will not be there tomorrow my love, Know this,

that I loved you as soon as you entered my world. 

The depth of your eyes speak to me, 

With all the languages of the world

And I become a polyglot. 

Let me start my journey with you. 

Full of energy, enthusiasm anew. 

The journey is too long, Will complete with a song.

About Author Monalisa Parida is from India, Odisha .She  is post  graduate student of English literature and a prolific poetess. She’s very active in social media platforms and her poems have also been published in various e- journals and translated into different languages.