Poem On Smoking

Poem on Smoking
By Gowher Bhat
To buy cigarettes to abed their habit. So you can see now how addictive nicotine could be, but most people don’t think of it that way, smoking is part of their life and daily routine.
So my plea is to the lawmakers, please put an age limit on cigarettes, have the shopkeepers post signs that people under the age of 18 years of age can not purchase them and enforce the law. This may detour our future youths not to begin smoking and assure them to have a healthier future. This issue has inspired me to write a poem about smoking.

If You Smoke

If you smoke your money is drained,
making your family members pained.

If you smoke it ruins your health,
which is more precious than wealth.

If you smoke it reduces your age,
the verdict with every doctor and sage.

If you smoke you face premature death,
almost denying you of your last breath.

If you smoke your children will imitate,
who may be doomed by a similar fate.

If you smoke you are downgraded,
rebukes and warning are traded.

If you smoke you pollute the air,
by spreading toxins here and there.

By quitting smoking you will lead an enriched life,
And also bring joy to people who are near and dear to you.