Modi’s Jhappi

News Kashmir Exclusive

Recently, on India’s 71st Independence Day  Prime Minister Narendra Modi speech contained fair amount of reflection on Kashmir situation too. PM Modi stated – Na goli se, na gaali se Kashmir ki samasya hal hogi (Neither bullets nor brickbats will solve the Kashmir issue)”, adding, “it will only be solved by love and by embracing all Kashmiris.



The speech came at a time when  Kashmir is sliding from bad to worse  and worst hit is especially the violence hit South Kashmir . Bloodbath has become  order of day and many had not thought that Indian Prime Minister in his Independence day speech of 2017 ,his fourth as Prime Minister from ramparts of Red Fort Delhi would sound a softer , changed approach on Kashmir .


Voices  in Kashmir are optimistic that this speech would be translated into action and especially the orders will be passed on to end grave human rights violations and Government  forces would be held accountable for any undue action against common masses. From Quite sometime now  we have seen increased instances of youth  getting killed in Government forces action .


Ground opinion is clear that the first step that would give this speech meaning is the ugly cycle of death would be put to end .


While talking to News Kashmir, Journalist Ajaz War, Chairman JKYJA Stated  – “ The speech can be good beginning provided it is realized via concrete action. Following the first step, one hopes PM Modi would initiate a meaningful dialogue with the pro freedom leadership and Pakistan to find an amicable solution to this deadly conflict of Kashmir whose no resolution has added to chaos . We have to agree bullets , deaths won’t solve Kashmir but broad vision, dialogue with all stakeholders  would. Sanity is the need of current times .”


In his column in NDTV senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar wrote –“ The Agenda for Alliance that led to the PDP-BJP coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir binds the BJP to reaching out to every Kashmiri. So there is nothing new in Modi’s words – although they come in the wake of a long trail of broken pledges. There has been lots of “gaali”, lots of “goli”, but, to Mehbooba’s despair, no attempt at “embracing every Kashmiri” (that includes Geelani, who I have embraced and been called a “traitor” for my pains). Mehbooba has been pleading all along for dialogue – above all, with the Hurriyat. At every turning, she has been thwarted. And by whom? By Narendra Modi, of course. Once again, the culprit remains the same”

Pertinently, the PM Modi Speech on Kashmir has definitely given rise to what one can term as cautious optimism and measured reactions.