Indo-Pak ties in the shadow of Kashmir Fumes

Indo-Pak ties in the shadow of Kashmir Fumes

Majid Wali

Pakistan and India, both are having nuclear power and war-head missile technology.
Pakistan is the larger importer of arms and ammunition from China while India heavily imports the arms and ammunition from Russia and America.
In the history of 70 years, both experienced three wars. Therefore, sensitivity of war status on ground borders of two countries keep moving on between weak and strong.
Not only on ground borders, but also on diplomatic international fronts, both countries are having challenging position encountering each other.
Whether the clashes are on military grounds or on diplomatic fronts or on media pitch, the blame game between two nuclear powers is quite common for any act of unpleasantness and adversity of any sort.
Kashmir is a disputed territory, claimed both by India and Pakistan with both countries administering part of the territory.
Since 2015, the Indian security forces are suffering from terrorist attacks and Indian forces are badly targeted by extremists.
In July 2015, three gunmen attacked a bus, and police station in Gurdaspur. Early in 2016, four to six gunmen attacked the Pathankot Air Force Station. In February and June 2016, the militants killed nine and eight security personnel respectively in Pampore. In September 2016, four assailants attacked an Indian Army brigade headquarters in Uri killing 19 soldiers. On 31 December 2017, the Commando Training Centre at Lethpora was also attacked by militants killing five security personnel.
In the series of terrorist hit, Indian forces suffered another deadliest attack in Pulwama, Indian administered Kashmir.
The Central Reserve Police Force is the largest central paramilitary force under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

On 14 February 2019, a convoy of vehicles carrying security personnel on the Jammu Srinagar National Highway was attacked by a vehicle-borne suicide bomber at Lethpora (near Awantipora) in the Pulwama district, Jammu and Kashmir, India. The attack resulted in the deaths of 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel and the attacker. India has blamed Pakistan for the attack. Pakistan condemned the attack and denied any connection to it.
Unrest and law order situation triggered in 2016 after India killed a popular militant leader, Burhan Wani. The overbearing protest then, from Kashmiri people was a big smash for Indian authorities.
Again Pulwama attack sparked violence in Indian administered Kashmir that is headed towards confrontation and hard times between India and Pakistan on military as well diplomatic fronts.
Not only ,Muslims of Indian administered Kashmir are suffering from social violence but Muslim students studying in various parts of India have been badly tortured by Hindu extremist communities, Few of educational Institutes announced to prohibit admission’s for Kashmiri students in there Institutes.
Indian media is over exaggerating the pulwama attack causing emotional hype and hysteria in Indian communities against Pakistan.
Media of both countries smashed each other creating psychological differences in between people of both countries.
Following the negative foot prints of pulwama attack, Indian forces responded by creating military confrontation on Pak-India borders particularly on Pakistan administered Kashmir borders and on Sialkot borders.
In continuity to the line of control cross fire, Indian air force attempted to cross Pakistani air space to attack the pre-defined targets but as retaliation, Indian jets were shoot down by Pakistani fighter jets resulting in Indian jet crashed in Pakistan’s territory and jet pilot was captured by Pakistani military.

Later on, as goodwill gesture, Pakistan released and handed over Indian captured pilot to Indian authorities through Wagah border.
The goodwill gesture itself is a pleasant act from Pakistan demonstrating clear intentions to overcome tension between two countries.
Prime Minister Pakistan in his speech delivered a positive message to Indian government that In the context of Pulwama attack Pakistan is ready for any sort of investigation that can address Indian concerns over Pulwama attack.
War and military acts are not a solution to any problem, war results in the destruction of economy, as a result people of both countries suffer the most.
Kashmir dispute should be resolved under the shelter of the United Nations Resolutions and according to the will of people of kashmir so that Pak-India ties can be destined towards peace and positivity.

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