India Pakistan tensions

India Pakistan tensions
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India and Pakistan tensions are still in escalation mode, With India targeting terror camps and Pakistan capturing Indian pilot during downing of Indian aircraft the tensions between these two important countries touched heights. With Pakistan Prime Minister declaring that Indian pilot would be released as a gesture of peace the tensions eased a bit .
But on the holistic paradigm, the India Pakistan relations have touched a new dangerous lows and situation looks heading from bad to worse. The powerful nations of the world from USA to China, Saudi Arabia to France are in top gear efforts trying to mediate the worsening situation and urging both nations for restraint.
Mushtaq ul Haq Ahmad Sikander, an eminent political analyst stated :

“India and Pakistan bear the burden of British and subsequent partition legacy in the form of Kashmir Dispute. Both the countries never had the strong political will to resolve the dispute. Kashmir is the victim of apathy of these two nations. It continues to bleed both of them. The current escalation of tensions among the two countries is again a manifestation of the fact that Kashmir dispute has the potential to flare a war between the two sovereign nations. We as Kashmiris have always been opposing the violence and war, as we are aware and experience the tragedies of violence in our daily lives through a low intensity war that has been imposed on us. We shoulder coffins of our youth daily, our mothers mourn the loss of their sons daily and our families bear the brunt of state and non state violence regularly. We as Kashmiris will never intend that India and Pakistan witness the same loss of lives, property, dignity and honor in case of a war. In the contemporary world there are no winners or Heroes of War. Let pragmatism and peace prevail with the resolution of Kashmir Dispute. “
On the otherhand, Three service representatives of the nation gathered at the heart of Delhi on Thursday evening to spell out the armed forces’ position on the escalation of tension with Pakistan and yesterday’s dogfight with its Air Force. Pakistan, they said, had escalated matters by targeting military installations in response to the Indian Air Force strike on a terror camp.
The officers had come with evidence — wreckage of missiles the Pakistani F-16s had used against the IAF jets that confronted them. The jagged, bent piece of metal, they said, was the casing of a missile that had gone wide and fell in the east of Rajouri.
Undoubtedly the India and Pakistan tensions are on sky high and saner voices need to prevail to ease the situation and achieve long lasting peace.