Imraan Ibn Farooq sets example despite adversities in life Writes Ayesha Omer

16 November,2020 issue

Imraan Ibn Farooq sets example despite adversities in life 

Writes Ayesha Omer
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“I think continually of those who were truly great….. The name of those who in their lives fought for life,,,Who wore at their hearts the fire’s center.Born of the sun they travelled a sort while towards the sun,And left the vivid air signed with their honour.”
Greatness has always been a mark to aim at. In these rudderless days, when we are misguided by small and fumbling minds, it is not only inspiring but also imperative to “think continuously of those who are truly great.”    Soldiers on forgotten fields of battle, scientists in makeshift laboratories, stubborn idealists fighting to save a lost cause, teachers who would not be intimidated, tireless doctors, journalists  running to cover a story at the risk of their lives some time, the anonymous army of dreamers and doers- all these by their very living fought for everyone. They sacrificed the hours of ease for our casual comforts: they gave up safety for our security. Glorifying the heroic spirit of man, they added to our stature. Out of the shaken world which surrounds us. Spender reminds us of the unsung champions, the struggles and pioneers who were inflamed with a burning belief in humanity, love for work and passion. It is these fire-bringers, children of the light—“born of the sun”—who brought light out of darkness, faith out of confusion, and leaving “the vivid air signed with their honors”, conferred upon us their heritage of hope. All of us have got some dreams and desires in our minds; something that we wish to happen in the future or someone that we desire to be. But often these dreams are left unfulfilled. All credits to that simple yet strong trust on the fate one has, people lack the major factor to achieve their goals, that is hard work. A mere fixation of a dream in the mind does not work. This needs to be backed up with a strong dedication in the mindset to conquer the goal. An optimistic attitude and perseverance for the cause of achieving the goal is the key factor behind success. This is what most people lack in them and thereby fails in the itinerary of their dreams.But today what I am going to share with you is not a story of a successful business tycoon or actor or a politician but a true inspiration for those, whose dreams are shattered with the thoughts of being disable, poor, and not fit for any job, and for those who want to achieve something in life on their own but are not able to establish their own road to success and also for those who thought success comes for free (only dreaming about success) Inspiration that everyone need .A perfect vision is what every goal demands. A true estimation of the pathway one has to follow to achieve the target can yield great results in the long run! All successful people in this world are great dreamers. But the fact that makes them winners and not the others is the amount of perseverance they had towards their dream, and the amount of hard work they had to do in order to achieve that. One of the best examples of this determination and enthusiastic passion and love for work, (our inspirations) is Imraan-ibn-Farooq, recently passed out student of Masters in Convergent Journalism in Central University of Kashmir. A resident of Al- Bustaan colony of Durhama Baramullah next village to the hometown of Late Sujaat Bukhari Sahab. Done his graduation from Degree Collage Baramullah, dreaming to become a true journalist, a helping hand and an inspiration to thousands of people, he started his journey of hard work from early childhood, as life has never been normal for him to conquer his dreams. In early childhood he once had nose bleeding at up to that extend that he was about to fall unconscious one day.  His parents moved from pillar to post to get him to hospital in Srinagar at the earliest. Three hours later, he was diagnosed with Hemophilia at SKIMS. He couldn’t fathom what was happening. All he could see was the crestfallen face of His mother. He asked her, “What is the matter?” She had no answer. On enquiring consistently, he was faced with the revelation. He comes to know that he had Hemophilia. He felt as if somebody pushed him from the edge of a cliff. Something was terribly wrong, yet of course he was so far unaware of what was in store for him. Later on, he came to know that Hemophilia means that his blood lacks aSpecific protein that forms part of the coagulation system. If this protein is present in insufficient quantity, or not at all, the coagulation cascade in the blood is interrupted. Blood coagulation cannot function efficiently. Minor internal injuries can cause major bleeding into the muscles orJoints. Doctors immediately gave a blood transfusion followed by FFP (fresh Frozen plasma) this helps in coagulation of blood. With each passing day, he was recovering eventually bringing smiles on the faces of his family. With grave concerns about his future, they were both happy and Sad at the same time. He had two choices: either give in to the infirmity, or decide to fight the Weakness. He chose the latter. In the course of achieving a dream, one might face a multitude of negativities and oppositions. But the real trick lies in the manner in which the person tackles those oddities and marches ahead in his mission. But the journey till here has never been easy. He might still have vivid memories of neighbors and relatives pitching in the black magic angle. While coming to enquire about his health, they would add to the anxieties of his innocent family members, gullible enough to fall for such nonsense. Here society plays a major role in making a little problem an obstacle in ones life. Schooling was equally arduous. He was same as the other children in the school, yet quite different. Playing the same games like others was not possible, as it included the risk of getting hurt. Once, an injury in his footWhile playing cricket at school made him realize his weakness. The swelling in the ankle joint made him cry in excruciating pain. Though his home was not very far from the school, yet he could not take a single step. All his efforts to muster up his courage and walk were in vain. It wasthen that his elder sister, who studied in the same school, reached the Spot. She took him in her arms and rushed home. The incident, though small, continued to haunt him like a nightmare for a long time. All this caused a bizarre unease in him. He had to bear the Stares of his fellow students, as they came to know he had this ‘strange ‘disease. Although it is not a big deal now, medical science has improved and there is vaccine available to every patient, some need high dose some simple are some are even those who don’t need any vaccine just have to look after their health.) But that time it was not normal and this was an unusual kind of ‘discrimination’ he faced. Even the teachers were informed about it, lest they hit him sometime and add to the woes. At times, there were long spells of time when he was stuck within the peripheries of his home. Things he has experienced in the Years past have reinforced his belief that life with ‘hemophilia’ would never be normal.It was depressing and distressing. Mostly he passed his school exams with low grades. But as they say, there is light at the end of the tunnel. He made a resolve to befriend books and work hard. That was perhaps the only way to turn the tide in his favor. That would be his ticket to a dignified life. Disability exists only in the mind; it was time to overcome it.Twenty years have passed, and his life continues to be an aberration. Conditions were about as adverse as possible. Storms had damaged the little caravel; the Pinta had lost her rudder; the crews of all three vessels were threatening mutiny, and probably Imraan’own confidence in what seemed an insane enterprise was wearing. But he had set his course in the direction which his own institution and logical intelligence led to believe was the right one, and with dogged courage he kept on going. The words are not especially comforting  ones, but these are days when the world is less in need of supine comfort than of high gallantry and faith in an inner integrity. During these times of distress, doubts and weariness, people may well be inspirited by the words of this great hero of life, “Disability only exists in mind; and it’s time to overcome it”. Today, he feels fortunate enough to be pursuing “Masters in convergent Journalism”.  He aspires to be a good journalist and contribute to investigate the truth and for setting an example for the welfare of people fighting any kind of disability. Through this, he wish to speak for him and for those whose disability never stops them from achieving their goals. A strong determination can lead any man to combat all the difficulties in his path and give his best for his goal, it is not the goal you set that matters, but the hard work you do for the same. Not a single dream can be achieved without putting in the necessary efforts. It is, therefore, wiser to give the best output from one’s side in order to achieve the dreams rather than blaming the luck in the later phase. Not a single dream is unachievable unless it is backed up with perfect passion. It is one of the most common follies to assume that success always comes first and success should be the only outcome of any endeavor. If you look at it objectively, you will be amazed at why people should think that any accomplishment can come without any failures? It is humanly impossible to ensure that every step in any achievement will always be successful and lead to ultimate success. Determination to achieve success and the fortitude to withstand and learn can only ensure success in the long run. Imraan Ibn Farooq has now started working as a Managing editor for “KHABAR URDU” & has worked for Roznama wadi-e- Kashmir, & this is only his beginning of having the fruits of the tree he planted with hard work, patience and determination. Not only this he is running Multiple face book pages, Imraan Farooq Page, DW Media with 2.4k followers and more than 10k views in just 2 months, and also Peace news .He is also a you tuber and want to share the best content one need in these times .And for those who have almost forgotten the sweetness of their religion and humanity, is in dire need of golden thoughts. He owns 2 you tube channels “Pacific creators”, & “journo Imraan”. Despite this he is helping many new you tubers in editing and managing process, their videos and share the best content. And inspiring new youth to join him in search of truth and fair content for betterment of society. He is inspiring many new ideas and people with differently able specialties to come forward and make their future bright. He is owner of a webpage  and tries to bring the best. Here I remember a Quote of Robert Louis Stevenson, “Anyone can carry his burden, however hard, until nightfall. Anyone can do his work, however hard, for one day.” One of the most appalling comments on our present way of life is that half of all our hospital beds are occupied by patients with nervous and mental troubles. And a principal cause is that too many people allow themselves to collapse under the crushing burdens of accumulated yesterday and fearful tomorrows. Here is the problem: You and I are standing in these split seconds at the meeting place of two eternities-the vast past that has endured forever and the future that is plunging on to the last syllable of recorded time. We often try to do so; and in the process, we wreck both our bodies and our minds. The answer is to live for today .Of course; it may be a part of today’s work calls for reviewing the past, or planning for tomorrow. But there’s no excuse for doing so with pain or regret. Instead of we should get the fact and push on from there. Today is the only time we can live. Let’s not turn it into a physical and mental hell by aimless worries about the future let’s also stop fretting over the blunders we made yesterday.              Remember how a walking trip always seems shorter if we concentrate. Not on the total distance to our destination, but just the distance to the next milepost. In the same way, we should concentrate on living within today. Then better tomorrow will inevitably follow. Same in today’s inspiring tale where dreams come across a milepost to reach his destination and the glories ahead. Being a journalist Imraan is happy to serve his passion and also living a live within the shades the Deen (Islam).                “He that loses wealth loses much;                  But he that loses courage loses all,                  Just as tall trees are known by their shadows;                  So are good men known by their struggle.”