I am passionate about traveling: Preeti Chopra

I am passionate about traveling: Preeti Chopra
Preeti Chopra is a well known traveler, known for exploring different parts of world especially India. She is a dynamic intellect.
In an exclusive interview with News Kashmir  she talks with Rameez Makhdoomi.
A bit about your early life?
I grew up in a typical middle class Punjabi family in Delhi, where both of my parents were government employees so you can pretty much imagine my childhood, it was restricted conservative(too an extent) and very very disciplined. The good thing is that it instilled very strong ethics and values in me and shaped my character. I don’t meet a lot of people like me and I stand my ground because of my parents upbringing. Having said that , there was a lot of pressure of getting into a good government post and very high expectations from me since I was a scholar as a kid. Apparently my story flipped totally, and breaking from my family patterns has been, still is the biggest battle and struggle of my life.
A bit about your academic life?
I was definitely a nerd growing up, obsessed with scoring the highest marks, topping the class and sections , I was the class monitor, captain head and cultural head girl , teachers favourite. Always into books and finishing the syllabus before session even started. Everything changed after 10th grade. My perspective changed on academics. I opted for commerce but pursued my graduation in arts and then a diploma in special education and master’s in psychology. Out of all, I realised psychology came very naturally to me. But I haven’t pursued any career out of it yet.
Tell us about your travelling zeal ?
I am very very passionate about traveling. I am more of an explorer. I have domestically travelled quite a lot. I love India. I’m not saying this because I’m Indian but because you go to a different state, it’s a different world, you can dress differently, food is different. It’s so rich in culture. I have been from Jammu and Kashmir to Karnataka, to Gujarat to Kolkata, Rajasthan, Goa, Varanasi, Tripura, Himachal, uttrakhand, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Agra, and many other smaller cities.
Your inspiration?
 I derive my inspiration from various sources, people around me , stories books, movies. Very few times from a celebrity. But I have been the biggest fan of Princess Diana and Sadguru.
What are your professional fortes?
Dancing, acting and Theatre. I am also a public speaking and creative writing trainer. But performing arts fuel me the most.
Your message to humanity?
Stop Delaying things on Tomorrow and Being Kind. Procrastination is a theif of joy. Do whatever you have to do now, with or without someone else. I took my first solo trip after an accident. If it had been tragic, I would have regretted plans I made for future. Tomorrow isn’t promise so take the trip, enroll yourself in the course, pursue the hobby you always wanted and apply for that job. Don’t fear failure. Failure is only a feedback. And be kind while you do all this. Don’t screw people over. We need compassion for others , and most importantly for ourselves.