Excess of Non-vegetarian Food. Edit 13 May 2023

Excess of Non-vegetarian food
Non-vegetarian food (in Indian English sometimes shortened to non-veg food contains meat (red meat, poultry, seafood, or the flesh of any other animal), and sometimes, eggs. The term is common in India, but not usual elsewhere. In the generally vegetarian environment of India, restaurants offering meat and fish usually have a “non-vegetarian” section of their menu, and may include the term (typically as “Veg and Non-veg”) in their name-boards and advertising. When describing people, non-vegetarians eat meat and/or eggs, as opposed to vegetarians.But in India, consumption of dairy foods is usual for both groups.
Kashmir is among the highest using non vegetarian food items especially Mutton and Beef. Too much of Non-vegetarian food is determinatal to health
The people of Jammu and Kashmir annually consumes 600 lakh kilograms of mutton and the highest consumption of mutton is recorded in Kashmir valley.
Recently,  we learnt that per capita, the highest mutton consumers in the subcontinent. According to official data, around 2.2 million sheep are slaughtered in Kashmir every year on an average adding up to 21,000 tonnes annual meat consumption in the region.
Even in our marriage functions too much meat is used.
This is among highest in world.
Expert pulse is too much non vegetarian food is not good for health. Meat products are loaded with saturated fats, which increase the risk of heart diseases. Studies have shown that people consuming non-vegetarian diets: Have a shorter lifespan and are more vulnerable to chronic diseases. Tend to develop diabetes, heart diseases, and hypertension.
According to a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford, people who consume a lot of red meat and processed meat have a higher risk of developing colon cancer.
According to a report, people who eat red meat and processed meat at least three times a week have a higher risk of nine types of diseases.
We should avoid too much Non-vegetarian.