Devil in Disguise

Devil in Disguise
Written by: Gowher Bhat
Fake faith healers also referred to as Pirs in Kashmir, and have played a deceitful role with our society. They are devil worshipers and practice black magic convincing people of sinful beliefs. They insist you follow them blindly into deception and persuade their followers to carry out unethical acts like, eating mud from a grave site, or bring blood from humans or animals, all for money or other hidden agendas. It becomes the Devil playground when people fall for their trickery, especially poor souls who are suffering and need to latch onto some hope. A couple of years ago, Gulzar Pir, a fake faith healer was caught molesting, and performing immoral, vulgar acts against dozens of young girls. He was found guilty and now sits behind bars. There was also another Pir that swindled a widow out of her inheritance after her husband died. I’ve read countless stories about fake Pirs that will make the hairs on your arms stand up.
I’ve interviewed dozens of people regarding this menace, and one of the spectators who has a firm hold on things said,
“that people must recite the Holy Quraan. I was told evil people would spend eternity in hell.”
She also mentioned that she never followed or visited any faith healer because she recites the the Holy Quraan and has a strong faith in Allah. I then interviewed another person, and he said,
“I’ve heard people say that these Pirs are swindlers. They take advantage of women and violate people only to get rich.”
He’s determined to alert his family, relatives, and friends about these con -artist.
But not all people agree with this; they believe in their power and feel life will only improve. So I went to the source myself and sat and observed as a potential customer, witnessing three faith healers at work. A young female came in and spoke to one of the Pirs, and wanted him to help her get a passing grade on her college exams. She begged him to make her intelligent enough to ace the tests. It amazed me how people piled into the place to get a moment with these faith healers. There was a woman who told the Pir that when she goes to the doctor, her husband treats her rudely, and she is embarrassed in front of her physician. The faith healer said,
“don’t worry. I am here to help you.”
Then he wrote something on a piece of paper and told her to tear it in three sections, and burn it in a fire pot that evening. He assured her that her husband would be her slave. There was a man who discussed with one of the Pir’s that he was in love with a woman, but he was not sure that she was in love with him. The Pir guaranteed him that if he pays him Rs.10, 000, that the woman will fall in love. It was astounding to me to hear such outlandish things.
To make matters worse; the man thanked him and told the Pir he would be back with his money. He was unemployed and had to get a personal loan from a friend. I walked out with the man and spoke to him, and attempted to convince him nobody could make someone fall in love with you. It is a sin to follow these people. I think I talked him out of it, but I’m not sure.
People pay 1,000s of rupees every day, to allow these fraudulent healers to pull strings on their lives to gain complete control. I had to write about this abuse, and educate the people of Kashmir that these phonies are giving you the impression that they could solve whatever your problem may be haunting you, and all you are required to do is pay them. What is most disturbing is that these Pirs target vulnerable young girls and women, and persuade them to do whatever. They do this by brain-washing them into believing that their life will flourish with riches of happiness.
Kashmir is the valley of Suffis and Saints, and some men are known to help with our problems and bring us to Allah’s light. These warriors strengthen our faith, which gives us the power to heal ourselves through reciting the Holy Quraan. They do not ask for a payment or tell you to do immoral things. They live everyday life and do not perform any magic.
On a personal note, I want to make the citizens of Kashmir aware of staying away from these devil, evildoers; this is a business to them, a money-making proposition. They’re getting rich off of you, and do not care about the hardships you face. Be a student of the Holy Quraan, and learn the passages, worship Allah, it will only bring you good fortune. We need to defeat the demonic entities that plague our society. And pray that these crooks will disappear from our pious valley and will be punished for their crimes. If we keep Allah in mind, we will reap the rewards and live a prosperous spiritual life.