Cracks in PDP

News Kashmir Exclusive




Cracks in the prominent political party of the Jammu and Kashmir state especially the Kashmir valley the People’s Democratic Party are with every passing moment getting more bigger and entire party looks in utter disarray.

From one top leader to the other we are now coming across frequent statements from the PDP leaders expressing displeasure over the manner party was being run and also expressing anger towards former  Chief Minister and Party head  Mehbooba Mufti.



‘The storm was kicked by senior leader and former minister Imran Raza Ansari who has almost  existed  the party.

“I have been telling Mehbooba Mufti for a while that I feel suffocated in this party. From the time she has joined PDP, she keeps thinking about benefits of her relatives. Nepotism has destroyed this party and the entire Kashmir,” Former minister and PDP leader Imran Raza Ansari told media here.

“I told Mehbooba Mufti some time ago that ‘humne aapko khuda-hafiz kar diya hai’. We are stuck for now as we are MLAs, but we are ready for elections. We want to work for public even if we have to change 50 parties for this purpose,” Imran Raza added.


His thoughts were echoed by People’s Democratic Party MLA Gulmarg Muhammad Abbas who  said on Monday he would follow in the footsteps of his party colleague Imran Raza Ansari who has openly criticisedMehbooba Mufti and her policies.

Abbas told a local news agency that he endorsed Ansari’s statement against the party leadership and blamed “a few” for hijacking the party.

Nasir Khuehami,  a young journalist reflecting on the issue of Cracks in PDP,  while talking to the News Kashmir stated :” We are certainly and surely seeing many cracks in the People’s Democratic Party which was just few weeks back the ruling party. Many are saying that nobody wants to be part of the sinking ship as we live in day and age when political opportunism rules the roost. It looks divisions and cracks in coming days will get widened and the rebellious elements from PDP might come handy to BJP in its dream of forming the government on its own .The biggest loser at this juncture of time seems to be PDP which seems to be with every day shrinking with its top leaders clearly expressing the dissent and dismay. Next few weeks would be thus also crucial to know as to whether we are heading for another unique government formation or we are heading for the elections. How far will the anti defection related things come into play would also be an interesting point to note,  but one thing is clear that cracks in PDP are now clearly far and wide. ”

Several other senior leaders too have joined the rebellious tone and definitely PDP looks a house totally out of order.