Are We Protesting Too Much?

Are we protesting too much?
Owais Ahmad Shah

Right to assemble peaceably and peacefully for grave concerns and hold protests is our fundamental right.This is our genuine demand for ramming home the message about multiple concerns.When a student protests in his uniform,we may hope that the protest will confirm to the precepts of moral decency.A well-mannered,disciplined protest.A student always clings on to the idea that pen is mightier than the sword.But when this pen turns into a sword then it spreads a wrong message across.We are often taught in our schools that we shall maintain discipline and other students should take cue from us.
The Kashmir outlook of student holding protests is completely bleak.We have a right to give vent to our frustration on streets.We have a right to offer support to the cause.But we shall remember that we don’t have a right to descend to violence.The moment we start slipping into violence,our all efforts of holding the protest is reduced to zero.
Our all protests turn ugly and sink into an orgy of violence and lawlessness.Where we have gone wrong?.Well we are a bit disorderly and disorganized.The first thing that we must do is to have things regimented.
In the recent past,our all protests have been spotlighted for our recklessness and indecency.The law has no faith in us.To avoid any untoward incident we are said to relax at our homes.They know we are a agitated.
In the recent days,a horrendous rape crime of a three year old kid took place in Bandipora.Our protest was genuine.But where we ended up.We were supposed to hold a peaceful protest.Well we did peacefully protest at many places.But at many places we lost our cool and ended up as usual in violence.
At many places,our classwork has been suspended.The badly hit education system is a bit exacerbated by our own actions.We have a right to protest and we shall protest.But we need to bear one thing in mind that we need to be organized and our protest should not bear scars for the rest of our future.
The writer is student at GDC Handwara