Academic Stress, Cover story 27 May, 2024

Academic Stress
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Academic stress is hurting children and youth across the world.  In our country India the Academic stress is of burning concern. In Jammu and Kashmir too, Academic stress is of serious concern.
No doubt the children should excel in their studies but pressure of academics should not wear them out. As sometimes, too much Academic stress can have damaging consequences on them.
It is said that 65 percent teens in Kashmir face academic stress.
As a matter of fact, stress and exam pressure can lead to dire consequences for kids.
Few time back, a  study conducted by the Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (IMHANS) has shown widespread academic stress prevalent among students in Kashmir, with
Study, titled “Prevalence of psychiatric morbidity among school-going adolescents in the age group of 13–19 years,” asserts that there is a very high prevalence of psychiatric morbidity (anxiety combined with depression) of any kind among adolescents in Kashmir, many of which are unidentified and thus untreated.
The study found depression as the most common psychiatric illness among adolescents with a higher prevalence in males, while anxiety disorders are more common among females.
The study was carried out on 16 schools in the twin districts of Srinagar and Ganderbal.
A worrying facet is that the relentless pursuit of academic excellence, a majority of students feel pressured by the weight of exams. Every now and then, we keep hearing about one student or the other succumbing to death because they were either too depressed or couldn’t handle the pressure their parents and teachers were putting them under. In light of an increasing number of deaths of students due to academic stress.
In a welcome development, sometime back, central government issued guidelines in January 2024 to control bullying and prevent suicides caused due to academic stress in coaching centres. According to the guidelines, coaching centres will not be allowed to admit students below 16. The central government’s new guidelines mandate the registration of coaching centres along with their strict regulation. According to the guidelines, coaching centres should have basic facilities; provide extra academic support to students facing learning difficulties; holidays should be given to students every week; exams should not be conducted immediately after holidays and other positive guidelines were also issued.
The hope on ground is that we are able to contain academic stress in our country for a bright future.