youth issues

Youth is the season of hope, but in Kashmir over the past three decades the youth have been worst hit due to violence and turmoil. In Kashmir  Young people are not given opportunities to prove themselves claiming that they are not equipped with experience to participate actively in shaping society.


As a matter of fact, Youth have bore the most horrible brunt of violence and bloodshed on account of lingering conflict. Killings, uncertainties, strikes have made youth of Kashmir to be at the receiving end.

The main issue faced by youth are violent circumstances, Unemployment and lack of political space. Infact unemployment is one of the serious problems faced by the youth of Kashmir. The unemployment in Kashmir is characterized by lack of opportunities ,  constant underemployment or disguised unemployment. The lack of private sector in Kashmir is making things worse for the youth unemployment problem is turning out to be disastrous for the healthy growth of society and overall life of youth . Unemployment on  youth of Kashmir on a large scale has resorted to multiple drawbacks – youth are resorting to drug addiction, violent tendencies . Unemployment is also one of the main reasons behind the rising mental stress and   suicides in the Valley of Kashmir

Democracy is the buzz word for our political system and Youth are its important constituent. The lack of political space among the youth in Kashmir is undoubtedly  among the prominent reasons of youth being pushed to wall as youth neither find any room for themselves  in mainstream nor separatist polity. Dynasty politics and its upper hand in mainstream polity of the state is a matter of great concern and a contributing factor in pushing youth to wall, according to ground pulse.

Time has come to address the youth issues .