Year 2021: 311 structures gutted in fire related incidents in Srinagar

Year 2021: 311 structures gutted in fire related incidents in Srinagar
People leaving heating gadgets unattended, which is main cause of fire: Officials
Sabeen Gulrez, Mir 
Srinagar : Last year, the Srinagar vicinity witnessed a gush of fire incidents, with properties worth millions gutted into the ashes due fire incidents. 
Not only this, but also huge number of vechicles, transformers, shops, and shopping complexes were gutted in fire related incidents.
The data compiled by the Fire and Emergency department in Kashmir said that last year 2021 has received 371 fire calls, of which 05 were rescue calls and another 10 were false calls, making the total number of calls they received 386. 
The structures involved are (311) While dousing the fire, the property involved is (70499.63), the property damaged is (2483.06), and most importantly, the property saved is (68016.57). The total number of injured people is 12. There were 58 shops destroyed in the fire, as well as 15 shopping complexes.The number of vehicles gutted is 18 while the number of electric transformers is 28.  
A senior official told News Kashmir that sometimes it’s the negligence of people that fire incidents take place as they are leaving electric gadgets unattended which causes fire.
 Some senior residents,  from the city areas told News Kashmir that awareness camps should be held in schools, colleges, and universities as we are grown old and can’t help but think that the new generation should be trained regarding these mishaps occurring during broad daylight and even sometimes at mid-night. So if, God forbid, anything bad happens until the rescue team arrives, they should try to control it so that precious lives can be saved. 

A couple from Chanapora (name withheld) narrated their ordeals to News Kashmir they said ” in the month of November, when their mother-in-law expired, they were planning her Rasme Chahrum (usually known as Fateh Day for Muslims). Our preparations were underway, and we were prepared because many guests usually arrived on this day In Kashmir, there is a tradition of serving tea (Nun Chai) and bread to guests, which is a normal custom in Kashmir,” We completed all preparations on the third day, which was late at night.We switched off the lights and went to sleep as some guests and relatives were already in the house because of the mourning, at around midnight, the lady told News Kashmir, I woke up to use the washroom when I suddenly saw some flashing light from outside. I got worried and just peeped out of the window. To my surprise, it was from our third floor that was already gutted by fire. I started screaming and crying loudly for help.”
She said  the relatives who were in deep sleep got up and, in a rush, started coming down the stairs. In this hustle, my children, who were sleeping in their room, left, We started crying for help,  In a rush, we started dialling 100, which is a helpline number for police. While we tend to overlook the fact that 101 is a helpline number for calling fire and emergency services.
She added after many efforts, somebody from the neighbours’ dialled the correct number, Without wasting time, the fireman came to douse the fire.
 Suddenly, it came to my mind that my children were still lying on the bed. I started shouting, “Please go and save my kids.” At that time, the fire had already spread and it was impossible to reach the kids. Suddenly, one fireman, without wasting time and looking for his life, managed to reach them and save my three sons and my daughter. Fire could have damaged everything. We couldn’t have saved a single room as the fire was spreading in a tremendous way. But I should be thankful to the Fire and Emergency Department, which without wasting time came and saved the precious lives of my children.  
I can never forget that grisly night which could have taken everything from me, especially my own kids. That moment even comes to my dreams still and haunts me, telling the husband while recalling the incident. ” 
This year in the downtown area,Safa kadal waniyar, a shrine was damaged in a massive fire. Official sources said that the shrine got fully damaged in the massive blaze that broke out due to a short circuit. 
 Divisional Fire Service (DFO) Srinagar Bashir Ahmad told News Kashmir that it is not like that the fire incidents are increasing day by day. We know that every year in winter, the number of fire incidents increases just because we keep ourselves warm by using certain gadgets electrically operated in which we use gas heaters (bukhari). Sometimes we keep these appliances open without caring for them; likewise, we leave them unattended. These are the reasons why these incidents occur. Even every year in the summer, we leave the appliances unattended. That’s why these incidents occur.
 “Even yesterday I was going through some figures and after ascertaining the facts from the past, I thanked Allah that this year we didn’t find more incidents,” said Bashir Ahmad.
The officer also appealed the general public not to keep their heating gadgets unattended.