Yakub Dunoo Determined to Promote Kashmir tourism

Yakub Dunoo Determined to promote Kashmir tourism 

Making great efforts with his buisness partner Bindia Pardeshi 
Rameez Makhdoomi
Yakub Dunoo is the senior figure when it comes to Kashmir tourism sector, he owns heritage houseboats in Kashmir and is  Kashmir Houseboat Owners Association , Chief Spokesperson . On overall health of Kashmir tourism sector and his plans he talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.
Excerpts :”The tourism sector as you know very well know got much setback after revival as in the month of October and November due to unfortunate killing of non locals . All these grim episodes had a bad impact on the tourists . The tourism got badly hit. After few days we saw the graph of tourism dwindling from Srinagar to Gulmarg , thus this tragedy hit tourism of Kashmir .But after few week tourism department did programmes to revive tourism in Kashmir and Director Tourism Dr. Ghulam Nabi Itoo and Secretary tourism Sarmad Hafeez made great efforts in this regard .Floating cinema coupled with Aharbal , Gurez festival gave new life to tourism of Kashmir. These two great officers have played a great role in revival of tourism in Kashmir. Today most of the hotels are sold out and also houseboats are occupied. Jammu and Kashmir Department of tourism participated towards end of November in Pune City in international tourism Mart festival with Director Tourism and other senior officials participating in it. In the exhibition, the Pune youth were given task to make potrait and paintings of well known tourism spots of Kashmir, and they were awarded certificates.I also accommodated free of cost the topper youth of this exhibition in my Houseboat .
Myself and My Buisneess partner Bindiya Pardesi are making efforts under our banner Indian Adventures to promote tourism of Kashmir during winters as during this time due to harsh cold tourism activity of Kashmir is dull .Me and Bindia Pardeshi have established a joint office here in Pune and took major groups from different parts of the country to kashmir .
 We are organizing and have organized comprehensive programmes in different parts of the country and in Kashmir as well to promote tourism of Kashmir . We are also making efforts to make the image of Kashmir positive via media. It is our mission to make Jammu and Kashmir number one tourism destination of the country and above all take fear of Kashmir from minds . We are giving slogans Aik baar to Kashmir aekhi dekho ( come once to kashmir ).