Waiting for Mufti’s Mercy

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Kashmir more than year ago suffered devastating floods. Pertinently, In September 2014, the Kashmir region suffered disastrous floods across many of its districts caused by torrential rainfall. Kashmir valley saw huge devastation on account of floods and scores of precious lives were lost. Throughout length and breadth of Valley flood created havoc and destroyed the business centers of Srinagar as well.

Devastating floods in Jammu and Kashmir had caused an immediate loss of Rs. 5,400-5,700 crore to the state’s economy, with heavy damages to trade, hotels, restaurants, horticulture and handicraft, according to the initial estimates of industry body Assocham.

Despite all talks of packages, relief and assistance most of the flood victims from  South to North Kashmir to Capital are raising hue and cry on account of inadequate help. Even traders are furious over the performance of Government to deal with relief and rehabilitation efforts of flood victims  .

In this regard recently while terming the government package of Rs. 2,000 crore for rehabilitation as ‘adding insult to injury,” Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation president Haji Mohammed Yasin Khan said: “By not pleading the case for a Rs. 44,000-crore package, as was sought by the then government, the PDP has served the interests of their RSS masters in Nagpur.”

Even elected representatives are furious about the letting down of flood affected masses of Kashmir. MLA Langate Engineer  Rashid also recently demanded immediate rehabilitation of flood victims of Sonawari and alleged that the battle of egos and interests between the local MLA and MLC has made the flood victims, victim of politics and exploitation.

Ajaz War, a flood hit victim from Maisuma states- “ Government has so far failed to give any real and concrete package to Flood affected people of Kashmir and most of the victims of flood feel dejected at the overall pace of relief and rehabilitation process. Me and my brothers lost three houses among them two completely ruined but we have been paid peanuts. The overall compensation that we have received so far hardly compensates our five percent loss whileas  Ninty five percent has been left unaddressed. In an age when a basic plinth of house costs more than three lakh rupees these small amount sanctions that too marred by inefficiency will not help in any way the flood affected masses  of Kashmir. Government should show efficiency, mercy, compassion and above all prove its viability by rendering a real helping hand to flood victims of Kashmir.”


The pulse on ground is that government is making tall claims of package but the overall paradigm expectations based on track record is very low.



But there is a silver lining in the dark clouds, Jammu and Kashmir minister of PHE, irrigation and flood control Sukhnandan Chaudhary has few days back said the amount of Rs 10,000 crore sanctioned as a flood relief for the state will be brought in use in another 15 days.

One hopes that after much dilly dally tactics the government will with much efficiency try to solve the pain  and distress of flood hit victims  in Kashmir and provide them the much deserved rehabilitation that they have been craving for.