VIP Bug Stinks J&K

News Kashmir Exclusive

The menace of VIP culture is a rampant phenomenon in our part of the world, it is a menacing  practice wherein some chosen few  people are given special treatment in any realm of life and others are mistreated at their cost.

As a matter of fact, the VIP culture reflects itself basically in two forms. It can be in the shape of the enjoyment of special perks and privileges by selected few . Every day we come across examples of the powerful and well-connected people in various sectors of life getting special privileges, which are denied to the common man.  Another and, perhaps, a more serious form of the VIP culture is the absence of the rule of law and as a result majority of masses suffer.  The VIP Culture also manifests itself in dangerous misuse of power by those at helm of affairs.

VIP Culture manifests its evil head eery now and then in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Somedays back, a  perfect misuse of this VIP Culture was seen when a prominent Journalist was thrashed allegedly by the guards of Senior Minister. The journalist, Javed Malik, who works for Greater Kashmir newspaper stated that he was thrashed after he objected to the guards passing lewd remarks on his wife. He accused Agriculture Minister Ghulam Nabi Lone Hanjura of signaling his guards to assault him.



Masses and sane voices are aghast over this demonic nature of VIP Culture.  Syed Tajamul Imran, a columnist states – “The recent episode of serious nature involving a Senior Journalist being thrashed by the  security Guards of the escort of senior State Minister is a matter of grave concern. It sums up that in VIP Rule of ours the genuine voice and rights of common citizens  would be muzzled by VIPS.  It is ironical that political parties and their leader talks incessantly of the menace of VIP culture especially at a time when they ask for votes and pledged to end it when they are out of power, but after coming into power they became very part of the same culture and impose it more harshly. VIP culture or VIP Raj is a cancer that makes the entire fabric of the society defunct and if we really envisage to see a prosperous future ahead the VIP Culture has to be ended.”

With the anger and resentment growing against profuse VIP Culture especially in the wake of this recent violence against Journalist , the media fraternity took to the streets against VIP Culture menace. Journalists working for various media houses held protest near the Press Enclave here after Javaid Malik, who works with Greater Kashmir daily, was beaten by some guards of the Agriculture Minister Ghulam Nabi Lone.

Media persons who were part of protests were holding placards that read “Solidarity with Javaid Malik”, “End VIP culture” “Suspend cops involved in assault”.

Pertinently,  Journalists were supported by independent MLA from Langate, Sheikh Abdul Rashid, members of a trade organization Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA), Municipal Contractors Union, J&K Contractors Central Coordination Committee, Doctors Association Kashmir led by Dr GM Mir and some separatist groups.


On the otherside the cavalcade following ministers, bureaucrats and other higher officials often creates chaos and commotion on our roads as they prioritize it they have to get through by hook or crook and give damn to the prescribed rules and regulations. Experts and sane voices have from time to time rightly observed that luxurious life style of ministers,  bureaucrats  and legislators has emptied treasuries in economically poor Jammu and Kashmir State  due to which a common man in JK is facing the brunt at present and this VIP Culture has worsened the Financial Crunch in our state.

While in other parts,  there are lot of movements by public going on the need to arrest the ‘laal batti’ [red beacon] culture in public governance unfortunately in the Valley of Kashmir in the name of security VIP Culture has been promoted lavishly. Another worrying facet of VIP Culture in Kashmir is that not keeping time seems to be part of our VIP culture. The more important a VIP the more late he arrives for the occasion.

VIP Culture end is deemed by majority the first major step towards ensuring an impartial and efficient system in Jammu & Kashmir state.