Unabated Kashmir Killings

Killings , killings and Killings are the only words and headings emanating  from the news landscape these days  in Kashmir. Although valley of Kashmir having witnessed bloodshed since past three decades the current times look more worse. Civilians, local militants, policeman, soldiers getting killed on regular basis is now no new thing in Kashmir as it has become almost hourly occurrence.


The Killings of  civilian and protestors due to varied reasons have become order of the day. Wailing Kashmiri mothers and sisters mourn the acts of the different violent sources  is order of day  and the images are seen in the print, online  media and in  the satellite television medium. These killings have refreshed the killings of more than one lac homosapiens  in Kashmir in past three decades .
Yesterday , was never  different in kashmir as bloodshed is  visible quiet clearly in every nook and corner of Kashmir as if  all stakeholders to conflict have license to kill Kashmiri.
The realities of ground zero  clearly point out that the choice in Kashmir is not between peace and war, but between no-peace and no-war stalemate. These realities bear testimony to the fact  current moratorium on brutalities in Kashmir done by different sources amounts the Roman peace, eloquently described by the Roman poet Virgil: “You, O Roman, remember to rule the nations with might. This will be your genius—to impose the way of peace, to spare the conquered and crush the proud.”

One hopes a peaceful solution is found soon and these killings come to end