Thriving for better Public Sector

Public sector is very vital  to economic progress of any nation, but in Kashmir the public sector has been hit badly due to varied reasons .  In our region , even the very important public health care and public education system are  in shambles. The Public Health Sector of the Jammu & Kashmir State, especially that of the Kashmir Valley is in mess. Most of the government owned hospitals are failing to meet the expectations and the needs of patients and rural health care is failing to impress . The desperate scenario pertaining to public health sector calls for the implementation of reformative measures.

Pertinently, poor performance of government schools despite being staffed with sufficient manpower  describes the status of our Education System. Just as the seven deadly sins correspond to weaknesses in human nature, the sins of public education are inherent in the nature of the existing system — that it is controlled, operated and funded by government.

Several studies  have suggested that   the state’s PSUs are doing so badly they have to depend on the government to pay employee salaries.

In order to encourage the development of small scale and medium-sized industries in the country, the Government of India had launched a national programme. Public sector has contributed to this programme by fostering the growth of ancillary industries and satellite planets. Such plants have been established around the major public sector undertakings. The need of having such industries and plants is direly felt in the state so as to tackle the grave problem of un-employment in the state. But what we have seen in the state of J&K is utter inefficiency while managing the public sector units.

We need to improve by leaps and bounds our public healthcare.