“Teenage Suicide…..Today’s Grave Problem “

“Teenage Suicide…… Today’s Grave Problem”
Showkat Ahmad Dar and Engineer Firdous Nazir
Suicide is the act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally. Teenage is the transition of one’s life. It’s that time period when an individual witnesses the
physical and psychological changes and it difficult for the young innocent minds to acclimatize to these changes. Over the years teenage suicide has become of the major cause of worry for our society.
The teenage live in their own world of dream and fantasies that is completely is different from ground realities. The harsh
realities of life hit them hard. They have high expectations and aspirations in regard to their personal and professional lives, which if are not fulfilled lead to disappointment,
resentment and ultimately suicide. A lot of hormonal changes became difficult for the teenagers to handle these changes resulting in stress and Frustration in their lives.
The teenagers are under constant pressure to meet their expectations of their parents. Some parents are in a habit to compare their children with their siblings and friends, who are better than them in their different spheres. This creates a sense of inferiority complex among these children. The teenagers who are unable to handle the pressure are haunted by suicidal thoughts as they are guilt ridden and consider their life worthless.
Teenagers often cannot cope up with the increasing pressure in their educational life. Thus schools appointed counselors to take the problem. Education experts so much pressure on
them, that during board examinations some students commit suicide. Suicide in Kota also justify this pressure theory. Kota is a major hub of the country for competitive exams preparations and has a number of engineering and medical coaching institutes.
The social media and dating websites have became quite popular among teenagers. Sometimes due to peer pressure and sometime by choice they get involved in the relationships.
But that fact is that they are not mature enough to handle the pressure of relationships. Unwanted teenage pregnancies failed relationships and rejection are the major causes of depression which instigate an adolescent to commit suicide.
In order to cope with the stress they resort to means such a alcohol drugs and smoking The end result of all these means is depression the than suicide. This all needs to comfort them by providing them emotional support.
The teenagers need to be taught that failures and rejections
are a part of life. The parents and teachers needs to teach the children the basic of sex education. Teenagers need to be taught the importance of life. Children should join yoga and
meditation classes which promote the well being of an individual.

Each individual is unique and has his own weakness and strengths. It is imperative for the parents and
teachers and family to understand this fact. The innocent minds of the teenagers need to be cushioned
with the love and care of the elders. This will help the teenagers to handle the tricky situations of life successfully and emerge as stronger human beings.