Start-ups ecosystem strong in India :  Dr. Anita Gupta 

Start-ups ecosystem strong in India :  Dr. Anita Gupta 

Dr. Anita Gupta Advisor and Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Department of Science and Technology is an eminent administrative brain of country  and knowledgeable face when it comes to all important Start-ups. 

In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir, She talks with Rameez Makhdoomi and Farzana Mumtaz. 

Tell us a bit about Kashmir Expo event?

The three-day Kashmir Expo Start-ups for Livelihood event, which has been held  in Kashmir, is a step toward an opportunity and platform to ‘Showcase Futuristic Innovators,’. The startups that have been nurtured and acheived excellence are participating. 

How many locals startups are participating?

More than 15 local startups are participating in the mega event. 

What is your take on startup atmosphere of the country ?

The startups related atmosphere has witnessed a sea saw change of positivity  in the past 8 years, ever since the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the nation Startup and stand up initiative. State Governments and union territory Governments along with Central Government with the help of scores of Departments are strengthening the start-ups ecosystem of strong .Even in tough times of pandemic many start-ups came up and played key role in progress of the country. 

Is global recession due to pandemic having its impact on start- ups in the country ?

Yes the economic slow Down is having its impact, but you have to understand the growth of Start-ups peaked last year in the country. In coming times the Start-ups are going to play a big positive agent of change for economy of India, wherein in the youth give their innovations and entrepreneur skills full vent. 

How many Start-ups we have in country and Jammu Kashmir?

There are about 81000 registered start-ups in India and close to 1800 in Jammu and Kashmir. 

What does your department offer to start-ups in the country?

One of the defining programmes Technology Buisness Incubators was started by Department of Science and Technology Government of India. Today we have 160 incubators across country wherein scores of facilities are provided to innovators and entrepreneurs under one roof. We are providing variety of funding through our incubator to budding entrepreneurs or start-ups.

What are the biggest challenges faced by start-ups in India ?

It depends upon which eco system you are in. If you are in Jammu and Kashmir scaling up could be challenge due to confined market. Earlier in Country the lack of funding used to be challenge but now there is no dearth of same. If your idea is good the sky is limit as far as funding goes . You should also be able to modify your ideas according to needs of market .

Your message to youth of Jammu and Kashmir?

My message to youth is be keen observers and have can do attitude . The Government of India through its varied programmes and via variety of funding through incubators is always at your back to hone your entrepreneurs and innovator skills for your own and national betterment.  Youth are certainly the agents of positive change and they should have solid mindset to tackle all challenges.