Social Networking in Kashmir

Social Networking has become reality of our lives in Kashmir and especially youth in Kashmir are taking to diverse social networking mediums like facebook and twitter to express their emotions, thoughts and ideas on the platforms. It has had overall positives on our debating and exposure related paradigms. From the teenagers to senior citizens all seem to be overawed by this phenomenon of social networking with majority having their personal accounts on Facebook or Twitter.

Pertinently, Kashmiris via this phenomenon are able to make contacts and friendships across the world and also locate their lost friends with whom they have cherished memories . Social Networking as a phenomenon has grown substantially in Kashmir. This growth has helped us in remaining touch with recent updates and makes friends with noted personas and also gather  vital information about events taking place in our part of the world and other parts

The need of the hour is to use the social networking websites for promoting love, knowledge and all positivity and not to misuse it.



On the other side of paradigm, all these developments   can prove quiet energetic for the valleyites especially the youngsters as according to a latest survey the social internet media helps to get jobs. The survey points out that with increasing number of users globally, socialnetworking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are turning out to be happy hunting grounds for employees seeking new jobs.


Majority of employees surveyed felt that social media are helping them to find new jobs quickly and efficiently, according to HR services firm Ma Foi Randstad.

82 percent of Indian employees are extremely confident on using the social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to enable them to find a new job quicker and more efficiently,” Ma Foi Randstad had stated.

Unquestionably, although having few negatives as well but on overall  levels of analysis the phenomenon of Social Networking is proving to be a great boon for the people of Kashmir.