Sheezan Zargar,world experienced arts and crafts shares dreams .

8 February , 2021 Issue

Sheezan Zargar , world  experienced arts and crafts expert shares dreams Rameez Makhdoomi
Sheezan zargar from Kashmir is a man with iron will . He  has  always been in love with the tradition of Arts and Crafts of his homeland Kashmir and is inspired by the European Art,  Indian art and the international Art culture, after traveling to countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Morocco, United States of America, South Africa, UAE, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, Greece, he has a dream of establishing an Art Gallery in kashmir. Pertinent to mention throughout his journeys he has had great yearning for learning  of diverse global arts and crafts.
Born in Srinagar and raised into the family of artisans his father having a government post in carpet instruction. He himself got interested in trading with Arts and Crafts.  He combined his education for bachelor of commerce from the University of Kashmir with his interest in Theatre and Acting, participating in Workshops of the National School of Drama, New Delhi and a part-time course at renowned  Actor Prepares Mumbai, He worked for TV productions in Srinagar, Theatre plays, as well as for a South Indian Film.
He loves to represent kashmir through  Art, Culture and  language, he loves inter-cultural dialogue , architecture of colors of art. 
Through the medium of Art and Culture, we share love regardless, Religion, Caste and Race.  He has served in prestigious art and craft galleries  of Europe especially Germany. Languages known to him are  German, English, Kashmiri, Urdu, Hindi.He feels sad that no art gallery exists in Kashmir and has a dream to set one .”Sheezan Zargar states :”Insha Allah we will introduce good art gallery in kashmir where we will represent excellent painters of kashmir  and we will also combine art, craft  and music we will do  the exhibition of kashmiri artists even from outside kashmir as well. But to make this dream reality in kashmir I need your support. Alone only god looks good.”
Many are pinning hopes that youngesters like Sheezan Zargar would use personnel experience to give new dimensions to the art, crafts and overall culture realms of Kashmir.