Shashi Tharoor:A game changer for the future politics of INC

ShashiTharoor:A game changer for the future politics of INC. 

Owais Ahmad Shah

PG Student at University of Kashmir. 

In the tough & tumultuous political climate of today’s India, it has become rather indispensable that a strong, viable & vibrant opposition party emerges that can play a principal role by constructive criticism & healthy debate to help the ruling party to facilitate the strengthening of democracy,pluralism & free speech.India as a plural country has always been a standard-bearer of inclusivity, tolerance & acceptance. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr, “To other countries I may go as a tourist,but to India I come as a pilgrim”.Such was the reflection of rich diversity of India across the globe.The past few years have been rife with the turmoil & unending political storm.The rising incidents of hate & bigotry has brought  India to a pretty pass.There has been a lot of international outrage & India is being debated for such incidents. The question of strong opposition that can constructively help India to revive it’s democratic strengths is much needed. Unfortunately, the democratic process has been only left for spewing venom at each other & debate has been reduced to political commotion that has no positive outcome.The mammoth support generated by BJP is undoubtedly their outreach to the people across the nook & corner of India. They have somewhere left their mark on the public mind leading to their thumping victory in two consecutive elections.The principal opposition party, Indian National Congress has undergone a metamorphosis. They have stepped down to the lowest rung on the ladder.The party has not only been open to criticism for it’s bad performances but also for it’s internal modus operandi. It’s leadership has been under scathing criticism & dynasty politics is being targeted. The party has also witnessed it’s veteran leader’s resigning & joining other parties or establishing their own parties & Gh Nabi Azad can be seen in the recent  political developments.

The question of change for better has become an urgency now.There has to be a strong opposition party that maintains it’s check on the activities done by the ruling party.This opposition party needs a strong leadership that will take not only the party but the country to new heights & reclaim the glory of India’s past. In the recent political developments, the Indian National Congress after serious deliberation has finally taken a decision to conduct it’s party presidential elections & it has caught the attention all through India’s political sphere. There has been at the inception Ashok Gehlot, the CM of Rajasthan contesting elections which has now come to an end & Congress veteran leader, Malikarjun Kharge has nominated himself for the elections but the principal actor in this election is ShashiTharoor. He has been hotly debated for his intellectual strengths, mammoth global experience & erudition. Also, he has been subjected to the debate of “Elitism”. The support that ShashiTharoor has generated all across India is massive because people see in him an agent of change who can reinvigorate INC as a strong opposition party & can play a vital role in India’s democracy & plurality.The support that ShashiTharoor generates behind is for a reason & it’s because he has been a strong advocate of India’s plurality & secularism & can help through his statesmanlike gravitas to open doors of great success for Indias political health which has been adversely affected through past years. As some people rightly say that he is the oxygen that INC needs as it is on the ventilator.

It is keenly observed that how the election would be helpful to ShashiTharoor if he is elected as Congress President.His opponent doesn’t seem to get enough support behind & some have started projecting him as backed by the Gandhi family but what’s fascinating is the Tharoor for presidential elections & it has generated speed with every passing day.This has been a long public demand that ShashiTharoor should be pushed forward for taking the charge of the party to resuscitate it from the depths of disarray.Its not yet a foregone conclusion that ShashiTharoor will emerge as winner but the pendulum is swinging more on his side & he is supported not only by a good number of his party colleagues but a large number of people who are not associated with the party. The elections would not only decide who wins but it will also decide the future of the party & this is at a time when the next Lok Sabha election is in proximity. This is an election that would  not only help INC to awaken form it’s political slumber but will also help public debate to re emerge & democracy to breathe a fresh air. It would not only be a humongous success if ShashiTharoor wins but also a massive challenge for the ruling party to deal with him.