“Shah Faesal….The Trailblaizer

“Shah Faesal….The trailblaizer!”

Owais Ahmad Shah

After quitting IAS and plunging himself into the Political atmosphere,Dr Shah Faesals entry has received applauds as well as sharp criticism.What people call him as a trailblazer or a new age leader,Faesals political fling and now as a fulltime devotion to it has been a massive development in the JK politics.His first public rally in the month of Feb this year saw a massive public arrival and people offered an unequivocal support to him.Shah thrashed it out,took the plunge and embarked upon his new movement called Peoples Movement.The party name carries more importance and bears a passing resemblance with the Tehreek e Insaaf of Pakistan.Shah Faesal himself called Pak PM,Imran Khan as his inspiration for his struggle and super determination.He also spoke highly of New Delhi CM,Kejriwal for his will-power and can-do approach.
People in Kashmir were waiting for Faesal,the newborn politician to exert his influence in the next parliamentary elections.In a recent public rally in Srinagar,some new faces made in Shah Faesals party.It is of note that Shehla Rashid,the former JNU students Vice president also extended her support and also made her political entry.
As all eyes were on Shah Faesal,people expected something new and special from him.People thought he could be the torchbearer of grit who will wipe off despondency from the face of those people who have been betrayed and left unadressed.
Now as Shah Faesal has announced that he will not be contesting parliamentary elections,a soupcon of anger can be well seen in the faces of people.People wanted him to come and replace the earlier elected representatives.Faesal has put across some strong measures.He wants to put down his roots in every corner of Kashmir so that he can better communicate with people and can better understand their aspirations.
He does not seem to be tired of his montonous work in the recent past but he is brimful of enthusiasm and his top primacy is reaching out to the people so that he can better get their pulse.His political entry is similar to the movement of Imran Khan called “Tehreek e Insaaf” which later blossomed into one of the largest political parties in Pakistan,denting the invincibility of Shareefs and Zardaris.So following in the nose of Imran Khan,Faesal does want to have the audience in the palm of his hand.
His Khan like attitude strikes on my mind Bill Taylor who precisely puts forward his idea of leadership.Taylor says a true leader sticks his neck out for a bold course of action and finds some capital measures to cut through problems that people are facing at large.
As we know,elections are on the horizon,let Shah Faesal get down to the brasstacks and be fully equipped for the electoral politics.

The writer is a
Student at GDC Handwara(Kashmir).