Refurbishing government service


Badar Bashir

Once upon a time a king told his subjects to dig up a well and when they did it, the king asked his subjects to bring a glass of milk and pour that into this well before the sunrise, as people dissipated towards their homes, a person thought since everyone is going to get a glass of milk why not I bring a glass of water instead. He brought a glass of water and poured that into this well and went back home. After the sun rose and king came to see the well, to his amazement he found only water in the well. The reason was that everyone had thought that every other person will bring the milk. Same is the case with our duties we think that other person is going to do the job while we sit back and inhabituate the layback approach. Same approach has plagued our government institutions and with each passing day they enforce the worklessness into their habitat of inactivity.

The fundamental question is, why are the government employees so prone to strikes, why do they show lack of diligence in their duties, why do they ask for more when their institutions are languid and less-performing. Why do they desire more when they deserve no more. Why are they so arrogant even after being caught for the dereliction of duties.

Its an evident fact that if a process involves government institution for its completion, the completion in itself becomes a constant struggle, eventuality of a petty document becomes a dream and in near future we sigh! Finally it’s done and even plan a party for the success that we had anticipated for its completion.

Work culture? Yeah! It’s the culture which we have to follow from our contemporaries and who are the contemporaries, they are the same species following us. When did we have culture at first? Never. We always followed comforting ourselves and in that process we have made fraternity of government employees specifically working for each other’s requirements. Where shall a common man go? Everywhere until he finds peace. It’s said that human needs influence human behaviour and its easily discernible what they need because their behavior heralds their need.

Even a rational non-working active employee In governments holds that they have less value, their value is the derivative of diligence they show towards work and what is worse is the inoculation of herd mentality which was the legacy, is the legacy and will always be a legacy until we learn the benefits of morality behind working. An easy example to measure all the people of the state should be measured from its educational institutions and the predicament is that, that they are worst hit by undeserving people and the products they create are equally worse and when they get employed, they spoil things in a same way their teachers have spoiled them.

Karl marx once said the production of too many usefull things results in too many useless people. the more useful things we are blessed with the more useless we become, further we spread that uselessness and brag about it in a most unsuitable way.

Nonetheless there are still people who work for the upliftment of culture and values, the people owho are service motivated. The prerequisite is to inculcate moral education among people and reduce the information deficit that they have, that they cant procceed and progress without adulation and chicanery. The more they work themselves the more they build themselves the more they build themselves the more society progresses. Being diligent in one’s own work is a sign of greatness that  is yet to come.