Reality behind ISIS!

Javeed Ali

At the time I was writing this piece, the news flashed on my smartphone that during Friday prayers in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, ISIS terrorists settling off explosives, spraying worshippers with gunfire and killed at least 300 people including 27 children in the deadliest ever attack on Egyptian civilians. We have reached to that stage where these kind of terrorist attacks have become a normal routine now. Massacre of hundreds doesn’t make us feel saddened any more. The kind of ideology being propagated in world now has made us heartless and pitiless. Beheading innocent people doesn’t tremble our soul anymore as we see these things round the clock on the social media and we take it as a normal phenomenon. Where have we reached? Where is humanity? What is being fed to us that the word ‘mercy’ is obsolete now? Why is Islam which is the religion of peace being presented as a religion of barbarism? Why are the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) which are for the betterment of whole humanity being altered to justify killings? Why is Islam presented like it has to be imposed by force on people? Why we try to force our religion on others when we don’t implement it in our lives? This is all being done  because there are elements in this world who use Islam to fulfill their desired goals than to serve humanity which is the paramount segment of Islam.

ISIS or Daesh is one such group which was created to serve the interests of those who have nothing to do with Islam. America, Israel and their Arab puppets laid the foundation of this group and provided all the required resources to them including propaganda machinery. The main motive of this group was to create sectarian violence in the Middle East to pave way for the Greater Israel and to secure the illegitimate monarchy of Arab rulers. At the time when the youth were awakened against Zionist and arrogant powers in this world and were working and praying for the liberation of Palestine, Daesh was founded to sabotage the liberation movement of Palestine and to crush the resistance movement. The creators of this terrorist group in order to hoodwink the world community staged the drama of fighting this group. There are ample reports that US and Israel were providing arms and ammunition to ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria and also provided treatment to those ISIS terrorists who had got injured.

As the authorities in Iraq and Syria have now declared the complete elimination of ISIS terrorists from their countries, a point to ponder is that those groups who fought and defeated ISIS terrorists are being designated as terrorists by America, Israel and their Arab puppets. This is the clear indication that they are mourning the loss of billions of dollars which they had invested on this tumour (Daesh) and now they utter ridiculous things out of their frustration.

ISIS terrorists killed Shias, Sunnis, Christians, Yazidis and beheaded thousands of innocent people. They destroyed cultural heritage sites and religious places of different faiths in Iraq and Syria. They butchered hundreds of Muslim scholars belonging to both Shias and Sunnis.  They raped thousands of women in the name of so called Sex Jihad, a term which has no Islamic validation. They are beasts which are given free license by their masters to kill and rape. They are at the service of Zionism and play treacherous plots to malign the image of Islam.

Iraqi Army, Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi, Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah Resistance Movement, Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and Russia played the brave and commendable role to eradicate this menace from Iraq and Syria. US which was claiming that they are fighting against ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria instead were hampering the job of anti-Deash forces. US and Israel employed all its options to save its creation (ISIS) but failed miserably in Iraq and Syria.

The disheartening thing is that at the time of complete annihilation of ISIS terrorists from Iraq and Syria, the Arab league called an emergency meeting where they gave a statement in which they declared Hezbollah as ‘terrorist outfit’ and accused Iran for interfering in Middle East. It clearly indicates that the defeat of Daesh has not gone in their favour.  The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas denounced the statement of Arab league and urged them to declare Israeli’s actions against Palestine as terrorism. Hamas also called on Arab states to support the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people.

Its very tragic that the Saudi Arabia is tying with US and Israel to attack Iran and Hezbollah as was recently hinted by an Israeli Minister. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in pursuit of kingship is using all designs to grab power at the expense of Palestinian cause. He even detained 11 fellow princes, hundreds of businessmen and government officials over claims of corruption and there are reports that they are being tortured by American mercenaries called ‘Blackwater’ .

We should always keep this thing in mind that US and Israel can never be friends with Muslims. They are sponsoring the terrorists to create the discord in Muslim Ummah for their nefarious designs. They have no love for Islam so Muslim countries should not pin any hope on them. They confront or defend a ruler depending on their evil interests. They confronted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and presented him as brutal and barbaric ruler as he was not serving their interests. Even rebellion was orchestrated in Syria against Bashar al-Assad to topple his government as he didn’t bow before the diktats of Zionist forces. He was blamed for killing his own people. This was all told to us through Western backed media like White Helmets and UK-based so called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The tragic part is that our media copied the same propaganda and pasted it in their publications. So its obvious that when we read these concocted and fabricated stories, it do affect our mindset in a wrong way. I invite all people who want to know the real ground situation of Syria. Just visit Syria once and interact with the civilians there. This is the only way you will come to know the reality than though the media which is backed by Zionism.

Have you ever seen US-Israeli nexus condemning the innocent killings happening in Palestine, Yemen, Rohingya, Egypt, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Nigeria, Bahrain. They only interfere where they have their set goals. Million of people were displaced in Yemen and thousands were brutally killed there by US-Saudi-led aggression. An alarming number of children are suffering of malnutrition and many of them have died of starvation. US-Saudi coalition have even blocked the humanitarian aid to the impoverished people of the poorest Arab country. Save the Children reported that 130 Yemeni children are now dying every day from extreme hunger or disease, with 50,000 dead this year alone. Where do our sympathy goes when the plight of these oppressed nations comes into our notice?

Even though ISIS lost its ground in Iraq and Syria, we should not be complacent. Their sponsors will be thinking to rebuild them with new name and place. They will reemerge anywhere with new flag and strategy to sow the seeds of discord again. So we all need to be cautious and work tirelessly to unite the Muslim Ummah as only united Ummah will break their bones. Moreover, we should educate those people who have got romanticized with the ideology of groups like ISIS due to lack of knowledge. We should make them understand that these are not Islamic groups but anti-Islamic groups in Islamic attire which is funded and supported by the enemies of Islam. They raise the deceptive flag of Islam and perpetrate heinous crimes which go entirely against the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Holy Quran. They are Takfiri groups whose main ambition is to create strife among the Muslims and dominate the Muslim World. Its our religious obligation to forge unity and fight these Takfiri groups so that peace prevails in the world.

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