Poor Roads in Kashmir


Roads are the face of every concerned area .The roads in Kashmir are in much poor condition. Roads are an indicator of development of any state. .Construction is often shoddy, and in no time, what appears as a beautiful job done turns out to be a big travesty with potholes opening every now and then .  It looks as if we have forgotten even the roads of summer Capital Srinagar.

Sane voices state  with concern the poor quality of some roads recently constructed in the state . It has become a vicious cycle of road repairs and deterioration; a wasteful cycle that has seen no solution over the years and decades. The apathy shown by some government officials entrusted with the duty of supervising government projects also abounds in the state to the extent that masses feel disheretned work of our administration.


Even common people on many a times have alleged that some contractors have in the past gotten away with very poor work, because no one seemed to be bothered by this and no vigil is maintained to keep a track of the efficiency of work done . They were accountable to themselves only.

We need to definitely give proper attention to the development of our overall road network otherwise we will remain always an underdeveloped economy because roads are lifeline of economy.