PDP Perishing?

Rameez Makhdoomi

The PDP – BJP coalition government was formed in February 2015.This was done after a series of serious deliberations between the two parties amidst a fractured electoral verdict in Jammu and Kashmir. Many believe that nine months down the line all looks doomed for PDP and the question Is PDP Perishing has started to invoke a debate. Political analysts feel that PDP has fast lost its popularity since it has formed the government with BJP. Resurgent protests and killing of civilians has made road tough for PDP.

Pertinently, Muzaffar Hussain Baig, a top PDP Leader and parliamentarian in a sensational  interview with NDTV has signaled that future of PDP Looks quiet bleak.

Mr Baig, who was the first to support the PDP’s alliance with the BJP, an ideological opposite, told NDTV that he now fears the way the PDP-led coalition government is functioning will “lead to its (PDP’s) annihilation.”


Ahead of a joint rally by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in Srinagar, Mr Baig had written a letter to PM Modi on “rising intolerance in the country and failure of PDP-BJP alliance.

“One of the most important reasons for the higher voter turnout in the J&K Elections was the ‘fear’ of the BJP entering the valley, a sentiment which was fully exploited by the PDP during their campaign. PDP sought votes from the people on the pretext of stopping the BJP from coming to power, but what happened later is history. Forming coalition by PDP and BJP was reckless and it went wrong for Mufti in Kashmir and BJP in Jammu. PDP seems to have softened its stand on the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and the BJP, which has been demanding the abrogation of Article 370, has taken a complete U-turn, deciding to maintain a status quo. The way things are working as of now, it is unlikely that the PDP-BJP alliance will complete six years in the office. It is destined to fail by its contradictions. The PDP looks to be big loser politically ” – Raies Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander, Lawyer at High Court of Delhi and Former Student Leader at University of Delhi.

From Coffee Shop gossip to street talk, from analytical paradigm to grassroots the downslide of PDP as a potent political force is not only being felt but discussed threadbare.


Senior Activist and AIP State Secretary Tanveer Hussain Khan stated – ” PDP seems to be fast losing its electoral and popular base. South Kashmir once party bastion is also simmering with anger against the party especially in backdrop of latest volatile situation of the area and accord of PDP with rightwing BJP. If PDP continues at this pace it has every chance of getting decimated and could well become history.”

“BJP too is making things tough for PDP as a series of growing acts of intolerance and rising communal tendencies under BJP rule at Center has been a focal point since past  one year in Indian Polity. These series of developments are strengthening roots of Separatism and weakening the mainstream in Kashmir ,” added Tanveer Hussain Khan.

Nevertheless, the question of debacle of PDP and debate over it despite it being in  Power has started to take roots.