Opinion on Reading Culture by Syed Mustafa Ahmad

4 January,2021 Issue


Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Reading books is an attribute of the civilized nations. Since a long time, it is the book that has been with those who want to progress in the real sense. The developed personalities have the virtue of reading books. They know this fact that behind anyone’s victory, the books have played the greatest role. If they become the richest persons in the world, they never leave the bond of books.  William Bill Gates has one of the best libraries at his home. He always likes the company of books. So, it becomes clear that it is necessary for every person to like books as they like air, water, clothes and food. But in the present times, this is not the case.  The already crumbled system of reading culture, has become the target of new threats like internet. Internet is the hub of libraries. However, internet is full of distractions that makes it possible to get deviated quite often. Apart from Internet, there are many  causes that has made it possible to abhor reading books. In this article, let us try to know some of the causes.     First is that we don’t know our purpose of living. We have no aim. Our only concern is to fill our bellies, have bank balances, rituals and customs, etc. When this is the condition of any country, nation or state, they  automatically have no liking for learning. However, if they learn, their learning is be of no value. Their only  concern is paper degrees. They get these by hook or by crook. They won’t think of learning beyond the academic books. It is a pity that they  don’t even learn their academic books; but go on rote learning the things so that they pass the examination. An Israeli student reads 40 books in a year. In Jammu and Kashmir, this trend will take years. Hence, we lag behind.      Second is educational system is not compatible with learning. Here, donkeys rule the roost. Intellectualism has lost its way in the dreary desert of dead habitation. People hate those persons who buy and sell books. They call it madness to read books. They, instead, want to follow materialism. Big houses, cars, colourful clothes, etc., are the main motives of life. Reading a book is not their in their domain. They don’t have time for this. They want to spend their precious time in useless talks and chats but never bother to open a book and read some pages interest.      Third is internet. The world is at finger tips. Why to carry a load of books instead of keeping it in a single device? Internet promised us that every kind of knowledge is there. Indeed, it is. But the poison it has brought with it is overlapping its benefits. There are millions of libraries on the internet but more than this there are the things that divert a person’s mind. Games, apps like Tik Tok, gambling, video making, etc. reduce the chances of learning anything new. It has also affected our health. Suicides have increased. Mental depression is on rise. Social distancing has increased. Alienation is the order of the day. Imitation is on rise. Money earning has become the newest trend. Craziness is the art of everyone. So, it has marred our society.      Fourth is the lenient approach of the government. They themselves are ignorant and uneducated. They can’t do anything in this regard. They need power, money and fame. Their only concern is promises that are to be broken. They know that politics is about coming and going. Why should I use my mind in this hectic job of inculcating the spirit of reading culture? It is better to enjoy the years that are in my luck. Why to take this extra responsibility? But they don’t know that it is their main responsibility to acquaint the masses about the world and themselves. But they will waste money and time in futile pursuits; rather than in this good endeavor. It means that we have not still produced the ideal statesmen. Statesmen like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Voltaire etc are rarely found. They were, are and will be voracious readers. They left, leave and will leave a long last effect on the masses.       Fifth and last is that we themselves are not interested. We hate books. We are impatient. We become bored when reading a book. We want something delightful. We want something charming. We want something attractive. We want something colourful. But it is deception. The charm lies in reading and imitating the best minds of the world. Steve Jobs, William Bill Gates, Jeff Bezoz, etc., share their experiences of lives and make us aware about the real motive  of the temporary life.      In the backdrop of the above lines, it becomes clear that in order to progress in this world, reading culture should be our first preference. Other things should follow it. From home to the market, every one should be awaken that reading culture is as important as oxygen. A labor should be in a position to read a book.  All great authors should be read at the earliest. The need of the hour is to leave leniency and embark on the path of reading culture. Reading rooms should be available at in nook and corner of  country. Then, there are the chances that we may go forward in this endeavor. Hope good sense prevails!
By : Syed Mustafa Ahmad.Syedmustafaahmad9@gmail.com