NC, PDP Should Pass Resolution on 35 A: JKYJA

Srinagar, August 24: Jammu & Kashmir Young Journalists Association (JKYJA) held an emergency meeting today at its Lal Chowk office. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss and examine threadbare the volatile situation that has arisen out of Article 35 A controversy. Members expressed great concern over how this new controversy has been created and how it’s dividing the people and the communities of the state of J&K.
While expressing his grave concern over the situation, JKYJA President Ajaz Ahmad War said, “This is a sad and serious situation and the BJP needs to understand the sensitive politics of the state and shouldn’t play such mischievous tricks to get political mileage. Such tactics have disastrous far-reaching fallouts and can plunge the state into a further bloody chaos.”
Lashing out on the regional political parties, PDP and NC, Mr. War said if the two parties are serious to bring the state out of this crisis, they should conduct an instant Assembly session in order to pass a resolution to safeguard Article 35 A.
“NC and PDP should stop trying to play politics and make a serious effort to counter this nefarious RSS design. They should conduct an Assembly session and pass the resolution as soon as possible. Otherwise it will remain sub-judice and the people of the state will have a Democle’s sword hanging on their head.”