Music connects all: Waqar Khan

Music Connects all : Waqar Khan 

Waqar Khan is young and dynamic singer from Kashmir and  was born in Karnah, located in Kupwara District of Jammu and Kashmir. His euphonious voice and humble stage presence have made him one of the most loved singers and performers of Jammu and Kashmir.

In an exclusive interview with Rameez Makhdoomi and Farzana Mumtaz he talks about his journey .
Tell us a bit about your music  journey ,and you were inclined towards music since beginning?
Yes I had interest towards music since childhood days and it was in class second that I gave my first performance. Then after School finished I took my music journey to a polished stage in college . I have through domestic reality tv shows displayed my talent and in all these shows I was among top 3. I have also used social media as important tool to showcase my talent .
Recently you released Beti Song which got good reception, a bit about that ?
Women in our part of the world are facing lot of hardships .We in society have still lot of people who don’t give women freedom to education . The message of song is that women should be given freedom to education  . We have showcased many notable women who have acheived laurels for their society and country so that others get motivated .Parents should get to know girls are equally competent as boys .
Did you face any hostile reaction from family while entering music industry?
Yes parents were angry with me especially after leaving the Government Job and pursuing career in music , but with passage of time as I took music as full time career and my work became popular parents are now quite cooperative .It is necessary that our people should be in every field be it music , Medical or engineering.What are your future plans ?
My future plans are  that my songs should be listened in every part of the world, and I am also after releasing songs regularly . I also want my songs to have sound message .Your favourite singer ?My all time favourite singer is Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.Favourite singer among present ones ?My favourite singer among current ones is Kamal Khan .Your favourite music genres ?I love Sufi and Folk music.How far has reality tv shows helped singers?I think reality shows makes dreams of only very  few come true and many others get broken and lost . The best platform is social media wherein chances of sucess are much more and wider for everyone. Person from any background can shine on Social media.Your message to youth of Kashmir  ?

My message to youth of Kashmir is not to be just after Government jobs ,be serious and explore your own talent as God has given everyone a unique talent .How far can music fight rising  depression ?Music can hundred percent fight depression as music connects all irrespective of their creed, caste , ethnicity and religion. Music connects all across borders and is a great therapy to deal with depression especially in these times of pandemic.
How is talent of Kashmir coming up in music industry ?We have in the past few years for the first time given all exclusive Kashmiri Songs in bollywood and our many singers are shinning at bigger stages. The music talent pool of kashmir is really above par .
Your upcoming song ?My upcoming song is Pyar Mohabat and it would be released after a month .