Much ado about nothing

News Kashmir Exclusive


When the former Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Passed away many had thought that new government formation in Jammu and Kashmir is matter of few days or hours, but as PDP took rigid stance the hopes faded away.

PDP made it clear that they want concrete Confidence building Measures to form the Government with BJP and even gave signals that it is ready for fresh elections rather than compromising on its core values.

But as now the picture is clear that PDP chief and prominent women politician Mehbooba Mufti is all set to become the first woman chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir after being unanimously nominated as party’s legislature party leader in a meeting of PDP legislators and leaders at  her residence in Srinagar, Thursday 24th March, many believe that after these months of political negotiations with BJP the  PDP has given impression that it has been ‘much ado about nothing’.

Pertinently, even in the first week of February and also few days back it looked PDP and BJP alliance in Jammu and Kashmir is on the verge of collapse. On their Part, BJP sources suggested that to maintain the core support base intact in Jammu they are not ready to compromise or listen to dictations .

PDP on its part stated that they need time bound commitment on completion of projects and agenda of alliance that walks the talk. “Mehbooba Mufti wants assurances from the top BJP leadership. The two parties are ideologically very different, so PDP wants time-bound implementation of agenda of alliance. The assurances must come from the very top,” said a senior leader of the PDP just some days back.

Mohmammad Tauseef, a Political analyst , while talking to News Kashmir stated -“If we do serious Political Analysis of the situation, the question that arises why three precious months were wasted for government formation as nothing new has come out. The government being formed is setup on the base of old formula with no new approach coming up .The perception that has gone among the masses is that PDP has not been able to gain anything despite this long delay in the Government formation .PDP  grasroot workers would also be thinking that this long interval has brought them back to square one .It would be now interesting to more how the Government runs but the path to governance would be now more stiff and beset with challenges.”

On the otherhand,” a senior BJP leader had sometime back stated –“There will be no further assurances given to PDP. The state government is committed to work for the development of all three regions of the state, which include Jammu, Kashmir and Leh. One party alone cannot dictate terms. We are in touch with the senior leaders of PDP and the regional party has to decide.”

From ground zero opinion to analysis  by political analysts the marathon wait for the Government in Jammu and Kashmir seems to have yielded nothing to PDP in terms of gaining upper hand or anything that can be dubbed as concrete.