Mir Tafazul, lyricist shines in viral acting Stunt with famous actress Aparna Dixit

Mir Tafazul , Kashmiri young lyricist shines in viral Song Kitna Tarsey lyric and acting stunt  with famous TV  actress Aparna Dixit 
For Kashmir’ s young lyricist Mir Tafazul ,who wrote his first song Khat describing pain of communication lockdown faced by Kashmiris living outside , the recent song Kitney Tarsey ,where he got surprising opportunity to act with Star TV actor Aparna. Dixit turned a unbelievable success . As the video in just one week crosses whooping one million views .In an exclusive interview with News Kashmir ,he talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.

How did viral and successful Kitna Tarsey Happened ? 
I actually wrote  ‘Kitna Tarsey’ in 2019 and my friend Rauhan Malik who composed the song knew it from the beginning that our song will touch everyone’s heart. In 2020, we collaborated with a music record label ‘Koinage records’ and its core team really loved the song and  were eager to produce this song and release it from their YouTube channel.When the song was completely produced, they told us to make the video for this song and gave us this humongous responsibility. We started with the pre production of the video and contacted some good people in the film making industry who were working in Delhi. Rivuraj Saha, a close friend of ours, got the opportunity to be the Director of this video and within a couple of days, prepared the script of the video and also asked me for some inputs which were added in the script. He asked me to work as an assistant director for this video and I willingly agreed to assist him. I gave my 100% and did a lot of hard work during the pre production of this video. From script writing to budget making , from recce to finalizing locations and sets, I gave my all efforts because this song was very close to my heart.
The producer of the video, Managing Director of Koinage records, casted the actors for two lead roles only and everything was left on our shoulders. Producer wanted a very famous and beautiful actress for the video so the song gets good publicity and response, which was actually a good marketing strategy.So he casted Aparna Dixit who charged a lot of money, which she deserves actually, as she is a prominent actress of Indian Television and has an experience of 7 years of acting in Bombay. As he spent a lot of money on the female actress, he didn’t spent that much money on the male lead, and casted some inexpensive and common guy from Delhi. The director was very upset about this decision of the producer but he could not to do anything about it. Rivuraj, Rauhan and me were very nervous and restless before the night of the shoot and couldn’t sleep at all due to all the tension as it was the first big shoot of our lives. Then what happened next ?Yes we throughout the night we tried to figure out everything and planned a proper schedule for the shoot. We left for the shoot by 6am in the morning and I guess we were prepared for everything, we knew it, that to complete such a demanding script in a day would be a tremendous task and we needed utilize every second of that day.As we reached the set, we started with the shots of the singer, Rauhan Malik, and it took couple of hours to take all his shots, and all this time I was assisting the Director. Meanwhile the actors came to the set  and were going through the script. When Aparna Dixit saw the actor casted by the producer, she was disappointed. She told the director and the producer that he looks like a child and it’s a complete mismatch. She was determined to cancel the shoot unless if someone else would act with her.The director, Rivuraj told me that Tafazul you have to act with her instead of that guy, because you look perfect for the role and also you know the script very well, and asked me take my mask off so that she can see my face.When she saw me, she instantly told the director and the producer that yes I am good looking and perfect for the role, so she asked me to be her co actor. I was stunned with all this and couldn’t believe that this is happening. Me being a 21 year old boy from Kashmir, who had no acting experience is suddenly getting a chance to act with a such an established actress, I just couldn’t swallow it. I was very hesitant initially and reluctant to act with her because I was prepared to do everything that day, but only behind the camera, not in front of it. I wasn’t prepared to act that day, and thousands of thoughts were troubling me at that moment. After talking to Rauhan and Rivuraj for a while, we came to the conclusion that we can’t afford to let all our hardwork go to waste and we couldn’t waste time as the shoot was meant to be completed in one day. So I said yes and agreed to act with her, and immediately director told me to go to the stylist and get ready for the shot.Everyone on the set, including the DOP, Naushad Ali Sir, who has worked with Shahrukh Khan, was very happy about the fact that I complied. He was the one among many other people on the set who had asked and persuaded me to say yes to act in the video at the last moment.The first shot of the shoot was the most difficult one for me because it was a romantic scene with Aparna dixit. It’s not easy to act, let alone romance with a complete stranger, behave like that you know her for years, in front of the camera with so many people staring at you. It takes courage, a lot of courage.  The director helped me a lot in the first shot, because he knew what my situation was, and gave me some tips  to feel comfortable. Even Aparna Dixit, during the takes conversed with me and she was being very Frank with me, trying make me comfortable.  As things got better for me, I gave my first good take which looked completely natural on the screen. After seeing it on the monitor everyone applauded and told me that I am looking brilliant on the screen, and the DOP, Naushad Sir shouted that this video is a hit. As the shoot went on, Aparna helped me a lot with the scenes and gave her efforts to build up a chemistry between us, and that’s why she is such a great and humble actress. We talked a lot during throughout the shoot and we became good friends, got along very well and eventually we delivered every shot perfectly. Everyone at the set was amazed by my acting, especially Aparna, who repeatedly told me that I am doing good and no one is going to believe that It’s my debut as an actor. She told me that my Screen presence is outstanding and you’ve a very bright future. Even though I was the lead actor on the set, I helped a lot the director and the team in preparing for the scenes. I even helped the spot boys while I was waiting for my shots.Everyone on the set appreciated my hard work and ethics, and told me that you’re going to have a great future, just stay the way you are.After the shoot was completed, the producer came to me and said his thanks, and told me that you were god sent, and you should start your career as an actor. He told me if you did this so good as a spontaneous and in prompt to actor, you will do wonders if you join theatre and get more experience as an actor.After so much appraisal on the set that day, I decided to start my journey as an actor and made my mind to keep learning acting and become a great actor in future.Now, after the release of this music video, I am getting so much appreciation from the people, and no one can believe that it’s my debut as an actor. They are really impressed.The video is getting such a great response, it received one million views in a week, so many comments and most of them are about me and my performance, which is so overwhelming for me. 
Where you knowing the video will go viral like this ? I believe that Allah had written it for me, to start my acting career in such an unexpected way, with such a beautiful actress, with such a talented team, and for such a melodious song. I am blessed to have so much support of my family and they are really proud of me and they want me to reach heights in this journey of mine as an actor. I will work in front and also behind the camera during my journey and make sure that my work touches the heart of millions of people around the globe. I want to inspire the youngsters of Kashmir to dream big and achieve everything they dream of. I will make sure that my work will push and persuade them to start on with their journey as an actor or a film maker from a very young age.  I am so thankful to Allah for the fact that my debut received one million views in a week, and it’s quite a big achievement for everyone of us, especially the singers of this song. Our upcoming videos will always be better than the last one and we will always keep improving and deliver art every time through our work. We are about to start with the shoot of the second music video and it will be out in coming months. Till then stay tuned and updated through my Instagram,  @7afazul and catch up with me there. Thank you.