Man Vs Wild, Cover 14 June, ,2021

Man Vs Wild 

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Due to rapid loss of habitats owing to cruel phenomenon of rampant Deforestation in Kashmir the human beings and wildlife conflict in Kashmir is on rise .
Human–wildlife conflict (HWC) refers to the negative interactions between human and wild animals, with undesirable consequences for both people and their resources and wildlife and their habitats (IUCN 2020). HWC, caused by competition for shared natural resources between human and wildlife, influences human food security and the well-being of both human and animals. In many regions these conflicts have intensified over recent decades as a result of human population growth and the transformation of land use.In a heart rending incident recently , A four-year-old girl was mauled to death by a leopard in Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir, officials said.
Adha Shakil went missing from the lawn of her house in Ompora Housing Colony on during evening time and remains of her body were found in a nearby forest area during a search operation on in morning.
Deputy Commissioner Shahbaz Mirza called a meeting with senior police officers and officials of the forest and wildlife departments to decide on a slew of measures to prevent such incidents in the future.We need to remember that in recent times several animals have also lost their precious lives in these human animal conflicts and also number of them have been caught .
After it , A leopard was also  captured alive by officials of the Wildlife Department in Humpora Loolipora area of Chadoora in central Kashmir’s Budgam district.
 Wildlife official reported that the leopard was spotted in the area by locals and was captured alive by Wildlife department officials this evening who were informed about it.
The official said that the department has asked its men to remain alert at every hotspot to trap other leopards roaming in the district.The Jammu and Kashmir wildlife department on late Tuesday evening  captured another  leopard from Pampore area of south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.
Official said that It was the second leopard caught by the wildlife department Range Office Khrew on two consecutive days.On the other hand, Several villages of North Kashmir’s Baramulla district feel threatened by wild animals, which have taken shelter in a dense nursery of the area, said locals.
The locals of the villages — Dangerpora, Laridora, Reshmuqam, Taripora, Wathuran, Nowgam and others, said that there are apprehensions of attacks to happen in the future because of the roaming of a bear and other animals in the area.One hopes that corrective measures are taken both by the masses and the Government so that Man Vs Wild conflict comes to an end in Kashmir.