Looming Governor Rule!

News Kashmir Exclusive

Kashmir and political uncertainty have always been linked especially since the past three decades as Kashmir conflict has taken a deadly turn .Governor rules have often been imposed in Kashmir by the Central Government to ease out the situation . Currently, with the PDP BJP Government looking an unholy alliance due to contradictory ideologies the option of Governor Rule does not look farfetched .Plus the ever worsening ground situation in shape of increased protests, killings, arrests, student agitations have made matters worse.


The pulse on ground from masses to analytical paradigm is that Governor rule is  in offing .


While talking to News Kashmir , political analyst Muhammad Tauseef , commenting on prospects of Governor rule states-”

The Government in Kashmir seems to be heading nowhere ,situation is getting bad to worse every day and turning gloomy every passing moment .No confidence building measures taken , suppression against the youth coupled with massive fear being installed in masses makes the ground very difficult for the Government .It looks now clear that if the situation further goes out of control ,governor rule looks all the more imminent. The PDP BJP alliance from day one looked unholy and with time it has proven more disastrous .”

Even the mainstream polity of the state seem to be batting for the imposition of Governor rule in the state .Just few days back National Conference President DR. Farooq Abdullah  said that Governor’s rule should be imposed in Jammu and Kashmir, adding that it is “unavoidable and imperative” to restore peace in the state. His statement came soon after Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti met Finance Minister Arun Jaitley earlier in the day.

There has been much speculation recently that the alliance between Mufti’s People’s Democratic Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party is breaking down. Reports had even suggested that Mufti might be replaced by a BJP leader. Farooq Abdullah on Thursday said that replacing her would not help the alliance, PTI reported.

On the otherhand many a voices are stating that Governor rule could be round the corner .



Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander, writer and activist states – ” Since the past three decades  on account of violent political turmoil Jammu and Kashmir state has often seen Governor Rule being imposed , nowadays the situation is looking more heading towards the Governor Rule .From day one this Government of PDP BJP has been dismal to say the least .Masses are highly dissatisfied with present Government like anything and it seems out of this deep mess the Governor rule might be the only option available .The history of Governor rules at critical junctures makes it look highly possible that governor rule might be imposed.”

Next few weeks look all the more interesting in the turmoil hit state of Jammu and Kashmir.