Lalit Suri hospitality group promotes Millet diet in grand fashion

Lalit Suri hospitality group

promotes Millet diet in grand fashion 

Rameez Makhdoomi/ Farzana Mumtaz 

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly at its 75th session declared 2023 the International Year of Millets.

To create domestic and global demand and to provide nutritional food to the people, Government of India had proposed to the United Nations for declaring 2023 as International Year of Millets.

In a significant development related to it, 

Shree Anna’: Millet menu has been  introduced at prestigious Lalit Hotel Srinagar. 

Eminent voices expressed their delight over the same as 2023 is the global year of millets and India is the largest producer of Millets. 

Lalit Suri Hospitality group has taken a lead in being symbol of ethos of Indian millets

The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group on Wednesday, 18 July, 2023  launched ‘Shree Anna’- a nationwide promotion of India’s millets, in support of the country’s Millet Mission.

Lalit Hotel Srinagar in this regard organised an impressive function on 18 July, 2023.

While talking to News Kashmir , The Union Territory Lieutenant Governor, Advisor Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar stated ” Diet is paramount constituent of human life, apart from sleep it plays vital role in human survival and healthy growth.  INDIA has played a great role in getting 2023 declared as International year of millets. It is great for our overall  health if we consume Millet rich diet.  Millets are genetically very much resistant  to  climate change and also grow in less fertile soil.  Millets taste even better than GRAINS  or any other food item. They require very less pesticides and are thus environmentally friendly. In this age of growing disease like Diabetes and Cancer, millets offer good prospects as Diet. Shree Anna’: Millet menu introduced at prestigious Lalit Hotel Srinagar is not only healthy but tasty too and it is a commendable effort. “

We need to bear in mind that The theme for the International Year of Millets 2023 (IYM) is “Harnessing the untapped potential of millets for food security, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture. Sane Voices are praising Lalit Suri Hospitality Group for taking the promotion of millets as forward.