Kashmiri Youth Activists take on NIT Row

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As political temperatures are rising over clash between local students and non-local students during loss of India to Westindies in cricket world cup, this is the view of eminent youth activists over the issue.

Faizaan Bhat, Writer, activist and Student of NIT writes -“For all those people who says Kashmiri’s are communal let me remind them we are same people who gave yatra food,shelter while our trucks carrying food etc were burned and our people beaten.This Nit issues is all planned by some saffronised people.”

Eminent Youth Activist Muhammad Tauseef writes -“NIT issue nothing but divisive and vitriolic politics at its best. Things are being blown out of proportion. Media and leaders fanning the flame.

Need of the hour is resumption of classes and united stand of both local and non-local students about genuine grievances…


BUT I still believe the entire incident should be looked into deeply from alpha to omega and the culprits should be dealt as strongly as were the innocent students in the Subharti University cricket match row….


Fringe groups very well fed from behind to further foment trouble, worsen the situation and widen the wedge…Kashmiri students being demonised ingenuinely.”

Mushtaq ul Haq Ahmad Sikander Prominent Activist and Researcher writes -“Today I alongwith youth activists, Muhammad Tauseef and Faizaan Bhat visited National Institute of Technology (NIT) to take the stock of situation about the polarisation between local and non local students. We were not allowed inside the campus, but what we could garner by talking to local students in person and non local ones over phone, was that fringe elements are trying to create a divide that will lead to the ruin of this institution. Further these fringe elements try to get sympathy from the Hindutva regime by involving politicians who are ready to communalise any issue. Both the saner elements of the student groups are ready for reconciliation, but the fringe elements are hell bent on escalating the situation. We are trying to mediate and formulate a joint statement of both the groups.”