Kashmiri Seminary Students call for awakening among Youths in Kashmir, condemned the incident of burning pictures in Nowhatta Srinagar

ISIS, Daesh and other takfiris don`t represent Islam and Muslims but are the enemies of Humanity:Waseem Reza

Qom:Kashmiri Seminary students of Jamia Al Mustafa (SAWW) International University strongly condemned the action of burning pictures of Resistance Leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Iran’s President & others by some masked youths in Nowhatta Jamia Majsid Srinagar Kashmir.
In a joint statement Waseem Reza and Aga Syed Owais Abbas urged Kashmir nation to keep vigil eye on the ailments who trying to disrupt the unity and harmony.

Waseem Reza said that Jamia Masjid is the historical religious and cultural heritage of our Kashmir and since centuries the pulpit has played a great role in promoting proximity, brotherhood .

He said ISIS, Alqaeda,Taliban and others are responsible for destabilizing the peace and killing innocents in Muslim countries. Scholars of all schools of thoughts in Islam are agree upon that DAESH & other Takfiri groups are unislamic and inhuman working against Islam to malign the identity of Muslims.
Waseem Reza quoted that “The hands involving in sowing the seeds of discord among Muslims are neither Shias and nor Sunnis but the enemies of Islam”.
Aga Syed Owais Abbas Mosavi said that Islam is the religion of peace and brotherhood and there may be possibility of differences in ideologies but that doesn’t leads to division and Enmity. Unity is the command of Almighty, Mission of Prophets and identity of our society.

He said Hezbollah Leader was holding Quran in his hand and no Muslim can disrespect the sacred book and descendant of Holy Prophet (Pbuh),this shows the impeccability of youths who being used to harm our Oneness.

Seminary Students appealed religious, political & social organizations, civil societies, education institutes and  media houses to play role in mobilizing the youths of Kashmir to promote tolerance and brotherhood.They also drew attention of civil administration to take action over the pages of social networking sites who promoting hatred and disrespecting the shia and sunni dignitaries of Islam.