Kashmir :Uncontrolled Prices

Kashmir: Uncontrolled Prices
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The phenomenon of ever-increasing prices is badly impacting the life of general masses in the state of Jammu and Kashmir especially kashmir valley . Weather vagary this winter has compounded the price rise problem in Kashmir.
As a matter of fact, the monster of inflation is since long badly impacting every sphere of life in our state . Pertinently, Inflation means paying extra for goods than what you were paying previously. Off late, not only necessary goods have seen a price hike, non-essential items have also seen this hike. In other words inflation is making a big dent in the pocket of common man of our valley. One needs to bear in mind that Inflation doesn’t have an effect on everything evenly. Gas prices can double while your home may loses value
The worrying fact is that rising food prices have far outshined the growth rate and overall income rise of masses. Basic vegetables like Tomatoes, Potatoes, onions, eggs and many types of pulses are costing twice as costly as they were about a year or two years ago.
This winter Kashmir has seen inflation problem often due to closed Jammu – Srinagar Highway .

The often closures of Jammu Srinagar Highway has compounded the inflation menace . It is the only prominent road link connecting the valley of Kashmir with rest of country. As a matter of fact, All essentials of life are routed into the landlocked Kashmir Valley through this highway. To add to woes of masses in Kashmir the Hoarders and profiteers hike prices of essentials by creating artificial scarcity each time the highway remains closed for a longer period.
This year too owing to heavy snowfall in all winter, the highway in the most of times especially in the month of January has remained closed giving rise to multiple issues . Despite the promises made that rail link from Srinagar to Jammu would be operational soon the dream has remained so far elusive and will that remain functional during heavy snowfall also remains to be soon. Despite tunnels built the Jammu Srinagar highway has remained a weak point with landslides, blockades wrecking havoc every winter. All this has resulted in goods being scarce in kashmir and consequently food prices hitting.

Expert opinion is that this manic inflation in India has hit the common man the most. Kashmirs logistical handicap has another reverse effect – its exports lose their competitiveness due to the relatively high transportation costs.

Naveed Ahmed, a student states : “ Inflation is a very serious issue in our state especially in landlocked areas like Kashmir and Ladakh. inflation always hurts basic standard of living and worst hit is the man on street. This winter highway closures due to snowfall has resulted in increased prices. Rising prices means you have to pay more for the same goods and services. If your income increases at a slower rate as compared to inflation, your standard of living declines even if you are making more and the same has been clearly seen in kashmir . The departments checking the price rise and hoarding should work in more effective coordination so as to check the evil of inflation.”

. The need of the hour is that the concerned authorities wake up more seriously to the challenges posed by the inflation and draft a farsighted mechanism to tackle this evil of inflation as soon as possible.