J&K Police &it’s people!!!

J&K Police &it’s people!!!
Owais Ahmad Shah
Police at your service is a mantra that keeps repeating itself on and on.For maintaining law and order,police has a key role to safeguard its people against any harm.But in the conflict-torn state like Kashmir,donning police uniform is not an easy thing.You will have to be ready for any mishap.You will be abused,baited and sometimes you fall in the line of death.The one question that may strike on our minds is,Have they failed in reaching out to the people in such a way so that people could have pinned faith in them or is there any massive handicap that exists and leads to the vacuum.People are carrying a vacant expression in their faces and always carry a chip on their shoulder for what they term as the police atrocities.But is this frustration and a sense of alienation from the police going to disappear or will this keep on ringing alarm bells for the rest of our future.In Kashmir,a certain section of Police designated as Special Operations Group work in collaboration with the Indian Army to counter militancy related operations.The group is working apart from a larger section of police that is supposed to work for other grave issues that are confronted by people at large.
We may ask the question of joining Police force to a larger section of young people in Kashmir and the only thing that is writ large for many of us to hear from them is the complete refusal and a sense of demeaning if they join police.
In the recent past a massive number of militants have been put to silence.With the rise of a new age born militant Burhan Wani,the sense of alienation is growing faster.These militants are our own young boys.
A massive number of policemen have also borne brunt of this turmoil.These policemen also come from our own families.So what lies beneath this miasma of despair is the way things are described and understood.
In a nutshell,it’s for sure that J&K Police will have to face challenges,there will be no-hope and a sense of despair.But there is a fresh line drawn parallel to countering militancy and that is police working hand in hand with people for curbing social menaces like rape,drug addiction and other issues.
The writer is student at GDC Handwara